Marvel: a Secret Wars movie in development?

Maximilien pierrette

Maximilien Pierrette

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Batman or Flash. The new Spider-Man reboot. Marginalized X-Men. The evolution of the character of Captain America. The intricate architecture of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Indie attempts. Superheroes on the big and small screen hold no secrets for him. Or almost.

Regularly mentioned, among the potential cross-over, “Secret Wars” (“The Secret Wars” in French) could well be the subject of an adaptation, according to the author of the comic book Jim Shooter.

Marvel: a secret wars movie in development?

Who will replace the Avengers to bring the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe together in one movie? Since the end of Phase III, and the narrative arc articulated around Thanos and the Infinity Stones, the question arises regularly while no alliance of the Avengers is planned in the short or medium term, and that three of them even left the MCU after Endgame.

Among the possibilities, one name comes up regularly: Secret Wars. Or The Secret Wars in VF. Published between May 1984 and April 1985 in the United States, this very first Marvel Comics cross-over tells how twenty superheroes and ten villains find themselves teleported to a planet by an entity called Beyonder, who seeks to make each other compete.

So the potential is obvious, and this teleportation story can bring together characters from various branches of the multiverse that Marvel is putting together. And according to its screenwriter Jim Shooter, an adaptation is well and truly in the pipeline.

Guest of the MegaCon convention, the author has indeed revealed that a member of the studio had approached him in order to secure the rights of his work. Without confirming that a film was in preparation … but specifying that he was not authorized to say it, as explained by Jim Shooter in a video relayed by Comic Book Resources.

However, we still have to wait for confirmation. And to know what form this adaptation will take. Because Marvel Studios can just as easily opt for a film as for a series, like Secret Invasion, another striking cross-over (in which we discovered that heroes had been replaced by aliens capable of changing their position). appearance), in the process of being transposed to the small screen.

Note also that another version of “Secret Wars”, involving several versions of the same character thanks to the principle of alternate realities, was born in 2015. And that Marvel could also look into for its adaptation.

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