Marine Delterme (Far from home): “I liked going to a darker register …

Marine Delterme holds one of the main roles of the thriller “Far from home”, opposite Marc Lavoine, which will be broadcast Monday evening on TF1. The opportunity for the actress to explore a fragile and darker character after 18 years of “Alice Nevers”.

Almost a year after the broadcast of the last episode of the eighteenth and final season of Alice Nevers, which will soon be followed by a final which will offer a real conclusion to fans of the series, Marine Delterme will be return Monday evening on TF1 with the telefilm Far from home, in which she plays one of the main roles alongside Marc Lavoine and Lucie Fagedet, seen recently in Skam France.

Directed by Frédéric Forestier (Stars 80), this thriller tells the story of Morgane, a young 19-year-old student who arrives in Amsterdam with a French couple to be the nanny of their two children. In search of independence and experience, she gives 200% of herself to this new job, despite her parents’ fears for her fragile health, and the unspoken words surrounding her charismatic employers.

But soon, Morgane learns that the previous au pair who worked for the Thierrys has disappeared under strange circumstances. The beginning of a nightmare from which not everyone will come out unscathed. And of a thriller which has the merit of going where TF1 does not go so often with its French fictions, more anchored in the police force or in the comedy.

Marine delterme (far from home): "i liked going to a darker register...

A complex and fragile role in an ambitious thriller

“I loved the screenplay for Far From Home, which we owe to Fanny Robert, who is both screenwriter and producer of the TV movie”, admits Marine Delterme who was immediately seduced by Victoire Thierry, the very fragile character that the production and TF1 proposed to her to embody.

“It’s effective, very well written. And sometimes, in thrillers, the characters are a bit of empty shells, which just serve to advance the narrative. Now, there, I found that there was a richness. in my character, in her bond with her husband and her ex-husband. This fragility that she has, because she is a woman who has been mistreated by her ex-husband. And she reflects this mistreatment in her work as a painter, who’s a little paranoid. She’s a fairly fragile person, and she receives an au pair in her home who herself is fragile because of her illness, her diabetes. fairly fragile balance in this character and in this family that I found very interesting “.

The opportunity for Marine Delterme to completely change the register after 18 years in the shoes of the judge, then deputy prosecutor Alice Nevers. And to destroy the image that the series could give him. “I liked going to a darker register after Alice Nevers”, continues the actress. “Of course, I’ve been doing other things all these years, but it was often more solar things, like The Guy from the Grave Next Door or Paris Manhattan. It’s been a long time since I had returned to a darker role, it made me want “.

“It’s a very nice role, full of ambivalence, of complexity. And there is a little Chabrolian side in the TV movie. Behind this facade of rather chic bourgeois, where everything seems to be going very well, everything ends up cracking. It’s great. As soon as you bring a new element into a family it turns a lot of things upside down. And then this theme of au pairs is interesting, and even more so in the world of expatriates in Amsterdam. TF1 is going to a field where we do not go often, it is ambitious “.

Very well surrounded in Far From Home, Marine Delterme is delighted to have been managed by Frédéric Forestier, “a director that I like very much, who comes from comedy in the cinema and who succeeds very well here in the thriller”, she admits. But also to have finally been able to work with Marc Lavoine, whom she knew well but with whom she had never toured. And to have met the young Lucie Fagedet, “an excellent actress who transcribes very well this passage from the child to the young woman”.

Marine delterme (far from home): "i liked going to a darker register...

A final episode of Alice Nevers before new projects

After this “very nice gift from TF1”, Marine Delterme will take on the role of Alice Nevers for the very last time on the occasion of a final double episode, “Cavalcades”, which is currently filming in Normandy. And if the end of the series is in part the consequence of audiences deemed insufficient last year, it seems that the decision was taken by mutual agreement between the chain and the actress, who felt ready to move on. something else.

“It’s a decision that has been matured on both sides, especially during confinement”, explains Marine Delterme, who will also soon be seen on France 2 in the Manipulations series with Marc Ruchmann (Plan coeur). “While we had just started shooting the finale of Alice Nevers’ last season in Noirmoutier, we had to stop everything after three days because of the Covid and the confinement. We stopped in mid-flight and , all of a sudden, we had time to sit down and tell ourselves that the time had come to move on “.

“Obviously, I loved doing this series for 18 years, but such an adventure takes a long time in the year. I couldn’t do theater, it was more complicated to find roles elsewhere. The Covid and confinement made me question myself, to ask myself what I wanted to do with my life. It was the moment to enter a new cycle, it happened naturally. And it was positive in Because later TF1 offered me this beautiful role in Far from home. Then there was Manipulations with France Télévisions. I was lucky, I went on “far from home”, we can say it (laughs). With characters so strong that I did not feel any lack. I am flying towards something else and it is positive “.

Far From Home will be broadcast on Monday, October 18 at 9:05 p.m. on TF1 and is already available in preview on Salto.

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