Marilyn Monroe on Netflix: the shocking revelation of the documentary on conversations…

Available on Netflix, the documentary film on Marilyn Monroe looks back on the murky circumstances of her death, which are still subject to various theories today. The result of an investigation dating back to 1982, it reveals disturbing information.

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Warning, spoilers! This article reveals the content of the documentary film The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: Untold Conversations and in particular its shocking revelation. If you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read on!

Marilyn Monroe, icon of glamor, ultimate star of the 20th century and above all an immense actress, 60 years after her death still exercises the same power of fascination. The one whose life was nothing but a perpetual tragedy, despite the glory, came to a dramatic end which traumatized the whole world as soon as it was announced one morning in August 1962.

It is this death, which still seems cruel and unjust, which continues to question many people. Died of a drug overdose, did Marilyn Monroe commit suicide? Did she accidentally take too high a dose? Was she even murdered? The official version remains that of the overdose without determining whether it was the result of a voluntary or accidental act.

The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: Untold Conversationsrealized by Emma Coopertakes over the work of the journalist Anthony Summers who embarked on a long investigation in 1982 on the occasion of the reopening of the investigation into the circumstances of the death of Marilyn Monroe led by the Los Angeles County prosecutor.

Marilyn monroe on netflix: the shocking revelation of the documentary on conversations...

Anthony Summers


Anthony Summers is therefore the common thread of this feature film. He conducted dozens of interviews with relatives of Marilyn Monroe on audio cassettes and spent his whole life with a fine-tooth comb in order to better understand the personality of the star. From this investigative work which dates back to 1982, a lot of information is now known to the general public.

The unhappy childhood of Marilyn Monroe, her absent father, her mother interned in psychiatry, her stolen childhood tossed from home to home and the sexual assault she suffered… Then the beginnings of her career, her relationship with men. His glory. His marriages. His wounds.

This “rewind” which constitutes two thirds of the film may seem redundant to those familiar with the life of the actress. It is nevertheless useful when we arrive at the last third, entirely dedicated to the night of Saturday August 4, 1962, during which Marilyn Monroe died. Because it’s a whole psychological context that led to this disastrous night.

Marilyn monroe on netflix: the shocking revelation of the documentary on conversations...

Example of reconstitution

On the staging side, the director films Anthony Summers at home and in his storage room where he stores thousands of archives. But we had to find a way to put all these audio extracts from Summers’ recordings into images. She thus chose to reconstitute scenes with actors who play Jane Russell, John Hustonthe son of Dr. Greenson, Marilyn’s psychiatrist and others close to the actress…

The Kennedy Mystery

The last part of the film is dedicated to Marilyn Monroe’s relationship with John F Kennedy then President of the United States and his brother Robert Kennedy, Attorney General of the country. Then very fragile on the psychological level the last year of her life, the young woman rubbed shoulders with these two leading politicians struggling both with the mafia and in a war against the communists on American territory and the communist bloc of Europe. USSR.

In 1962, the United States was in the midst of the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis reinforced the paranoia of the American administration as to a possible nuclear attack on its soil. Marilyn, she is aware of the nuclear tests conducted by the Kennedys in Nevada. But she also confides in her love troubles to those close to her.

Marilyn monroe on netflix: the shocking revelation of the documentary on conversations...

Marilyn Monroe with Robert Kennedy and John F. Kennedy

However, the actress is listening. An illegal wiretap set up by Jimmy Hoffa, a mob boss who wants to bring down Robert Kennedy who is suing him. And another, presumably from the FBI, but unofficial. The film also reveals that Anthony Summers acquired the certainty based on concordant evidence that Robert Kennedy was at Marilyn’s the night of her death and that they would have had a violent argument.

Summers however does not come to the conclusion that Marilyn would have been murdered. Robert Kennedy left the scene when the actress was still alive. But his presence, on the other hand, would have been camouflaged to avoid a national scandal. Anthony Summers remains convinced that Marilyn died following a drug overdose, accidental or voluntary…

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