Mare of Easttown on OCS: "an authentic series" for its interpreter Kate Winslet - News Séries

Mare of Easttown on OCS: “an authentic series” for its interpreter Kate Winslet – News Séries

We went to meet Kate Winslet, heroine of the new HBO mini-series “Mare of Easttown”, offered here in US + on OCS City!


Mare of Easttown (7 episodes) – Streamed weekly in US + 24 on OCS City.

AlloCiné: What element convinced you to play in this series?

Kate Winslet (Mare Sheehan): It all started in 2018 when I was shooting the movie Ammonite. Brad Ingelsby (the creator of the series, editor’s note) sent me the scripts for the first two episodes and I began to imagine how to slip into the skin of Mare Sheehan.

For me it was a huge challenge because she absolutely does not look like me. I was terrified to interpret it; which is for me an additional source of motivation to do a good job. The scripts really caught my guts. I was fascinated by the environment in which Mare operates and her rather complicated past.


I had, moreover, already worked for HBO on Mildred Pierce in 2010; this reassured me in my choice to shoot this new series. (…) And then, to make a good detective you also have to acquire a certain allure; it was a definite adjustment. I would also like to thank the Easttown and Marple police officers, I spent several months with them to understand who they are, physically and mentally.

I had the chance to follow in the footsteps of a detective, Sergeant Christine Bleiler, who was an incredible contribution to build my character. She was often on the set to give me the best advice. She also knew how to decomplex me by explaining to me that the cops do not always have perfect words and gestures. Even if they have reinforced concrete insurance, they sometimes make mistakes, like all humans. And it is not dramatic.

Do you think that in reality you would have the makings of a good police officer?

Absolutely not ! I would be a totally bad policewoman! (laughs) On the other hand, I would probably be a pro when it comes to drinking non-stop coffee all day long and pints of beer after work hours! Frankly, I don’t feel capable of being a cop. The profession of actress suits me perfectly.

To be a good police officer you have to know how to show great concentration and endurance, which I don’t have. The only thing in common that I have with Mare is her love for her family. Like her, I love my family more than anything in the world. In addition, I too know how to recognize my mistakes and move forward.


Have you been inspired by other female police officers seen in movies or on television?

No, I certainly didn’t want to copy the style of other female cops from the small or the big screen. And, moreover, there is not enough in my opinion. On the other hand, I have watched many reality TV series with cops to better understand who they are and how they act in the face of the multiple dangers they face. And I saw tons of videos on Youtube!

I also spent hours patrolling real cops in unmarked cars on the streets of Kensington, full of violence and opioid addicts. It is shocking and frightening. It taught me a lot. This allowed me, precisely, not to fall into the traps of the cliché of the interpretation of many cops that we can see in the cinema or in certain series. Some have no credibility. We wanted to stay authentic with this series.

The Mare of Easttown miniseries trailer starring Kate Winslet:

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