Many Saints of Newark: 7 key episodes of the Sopranos to review before the film

Many saints of newark: 7 key episodes of the sopranos to review before the film

Ahead of the release of Many Saints of Newark, in theaters on November 3, it’s time to revise its classics! Here are the episodes of The Sopranos to (re) see before discovering the prequel to the cult series on the big screen.

Many Saints of Newark – A History of the Sopranos, hits theaters on November 3. Before diving into this mafia epic that takes place before the events of the legendary series, here are 7 episodes of the series to (re) see to refresh your memory!

The plot of the feature film takes place between 1967 and 1971 and follows the teenage Tony Soprano. The latter is fascinated by his uncle, Dickie Moltisanti, future father of his nephew Christopher, played by Michael Imperioli in the series. We also find other well-known characters from the HBO show with Livia, Tony’s mother, as well as his uncle Junior.


In episode 7 of season 1, dubbed Taken by the Throat, Tony remembers the year 1967 talking about his childhood with his psychiatrist, Dr. Melfi. He also talks about his father, Johnny Boy, who died during the time of the show. His words shed light on the story of the film, in which Tony’s father is present, played by Jon Bernthal. Thus, to better understand Tony’s past, we must see this episode, followed by the Prodigal Son (season 3 episode 3) and Gentleman Tony (season 5 episode 7).

Then, to remember why Tony is so close to Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola), central character of Many Saints of Newark, we must see episode 1 of season 4: Tony leads his boat. The gangster evokes in particular his relations with his mentor. He tells Christopher about how his father died and how much he meant to him.


To understand the family relations between the Sopranos, episode 15 of season 6 is essential! Paulie, Tony’s loyal lieutenant, recounts the “good old days”, allowing the events of Many Saints to be put into perspective.

In this episode titled Oh Enemy Old Age, The FBI is looking for the first person killed by Tony Soprano. The latter goes on vacation to Florida with Paulie to be forgotten. During the trip, the latter keeps talking about Tony’s past to the point that Tony thinks about killing him, but changes his mind. This mythical character appears in a young version in Many Saints, played by Billy Magnusen.

Tony and his nephew Christopher have a complicated relationship throughout the series. To remember this well while watching the prequel, it is important to have in mind episode 18 of season 6: Good riddance. This is surely one of the most important episodes of the series.


Upon returning from a meeting between sponsors, Tony and Christopher have a serious car accident caused by the latter who was driving, under the influence of drugs. Very seriously injured (he did not have his belt), Chris died of suffocation at the hand of his uncle before help arrived. In addition, Tony makes reference to Dickie again in this episode, which marks a turning point in the history of the Sopranos.

Finally, to be ready to watch Many Saints of Newark, the last episode of the series is also a must-see (season 6 episode 21: Made In America). It is a real television monument, which caused an earthquake at the time of its broadcast.

At the end of the episode, Tony and his family are in the Holsten Ice Cream Shop in Bloomfield, New Jersey. The latter will be one of the sets of Many Saints of Newark. The sound of the bell which rings when one crosses the door of this stall will make resurface in the fan a powerful nostalgia.


Seeing again Tony Soprano as a teenager in this place 40 years ago will be a good echo to this controversial outcome, which has caused much ink to flow. The melancholy will also be there by remembering James Gandolfini, whose performance marked the spectators for life. Seeing his son, Michael, take over this legendary role of Tony is therefore heartbreaking.

Many Saints of Newark hits theaters Wednesday, November 3. It is directed by Alan Taylor and written by David Chase, creator of the series.

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