Many of you believe that foldable will become the “new mainstream”

Many of you believe that foldable will become the “new mainstream”

Samsung is betting heavily upon foldable phones. They have dropped the Galaxy Note flagship to make room for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 or Galaxy Z Fold 3 smartphones. Mobile chief TM Roh said that foldable phones are “the new mainstream”.

Are you a fan? We polled Android Authority users about whether foldables were indeed “the new mainstream” and here’s how they voted.

Are foldables the “new mainstream” in smartphones?

Many of you believe that foldable will become the "new mainstream"
Many of you believe that foldable will become the “new mainstream”


This poll was posted on August 13th, and only over 3,300 votes have been counted to date. What was the most popular result? The most popular result? 41% said that foldables aren’t mainstream yet, but they will.

This is a logical choice, given the current foldable landscape. Popular foldables are not reaching the same level as flagship smartphones. We are also skeptical that many people actually see enough foldables out there. In 2021, however, there will be more brands on board. It seems that sales are only up.

However, 32.6% say that foldables don’t belong in the mainstream. Commentators suggest that foldables are not mainstream due to their weight, thickness, durability, battery life and price.

Final results: 26.2% said that foldables were the new mainstream. It is easy to see why readers would choose this option. The Galaxy Z Fold series devices are heavier and more expensive than traditional smartphones. However, the convenience of having a tablet in your hand is an amazing benefit.


  • Techngro: Only when the price drops.
  • Leo: It will be two years after Apple makes a foldable iPhone with an “overlapping screen” name or other bs, and declares that it is their biggest innovation.
  • Melissa K: The only issue I have with my Z2 is *knock on timber phone mounts. I cannot use my phone on a tripod or gimbal mount (RoninSC) because I shoot content videos. It is extremely annoying. It’s too thick closed. I found a car mount that held it securely. It does come crashing down due to the heavy phone. Can we please get the accessories for our “mainstream” foldables? What do you think?
  • Thomas Waznis: First, less price and more memory
  • eszklar – Pricing is key to me This makes it more affordable for adoption if the price is $1000 US. It remains to be seen if Samsung launches a Flip/Fold that is “non-premium”, Microsoft drops the price of the Duo 2, or if Google enters the foldable market at $1000. We will have to wait and see.
  • Robert Palmar: I believe that Samsung’s mobile chief meant that foldables were the new mainstream, in addition to other mainstream. He was referring to the category of devices that foldables are. Because the prices have fallen to earth, foldables no longer need to be considered an exclusive device and can be used as a mainstream phone like all other phones.
  • Igor Bozovic – Eventually, Z flips would be cheap enough to become mainstream. They’re even in Star Trek!
  • Joe Black: I would like to say that no matter how expensive it is, I won’t care about it for long – because of the price, its size, durability, battery lifetime, etc. All of those things are compromised. If I have a working device and want to replace it with another one, it makes sense. It’s an upgrade.
  • Anonymous 42: When Apple finally makes a foldable iPhone/iPad.

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