Manifest season 3: episode 2 teases an unexpected link between two characters [SPOILERS]

Manifest Season 3: New major character of season 3 of “Manifest,” broadcast in US + 24 on SALTO, Angelina seems mysteriously linked to another enigmatic figure in the series. Holly Taylor opened up about this revelation and what happened next.

Angelina (Holly Taylor), the passenger of flight 828, taken in by the Stone family in season 3 of Manifest?

Introduced during the first episode of this third salvo, which aired last week on NBC, Angelina seems destined to become an essential part of the series’ mythology as Jeff Rake, the creator of Manifest, explained a few months ago about this newcomer: “I imagine us looking back in a few seasons and trying to remember when this character made his first appearance, so much has he become a central part of the plot.”.

And while it is difficult, for now, to know exactly what role Angelina will play in the (possible) resolution of the central mystery of the series, probably expected this season, episode 2 of season 3, available today in US + 24 in France on Salto, began a most unexpected revelation about his past. And on his link with another character!

Guided by a recurring “call” featuring a faceless angel, Angelina, helped by Olive (Luna Blaise), tracked down a box she had buried years before and found inside a box. Photo of her at the age of ten. So far, nothing very annoying, but this plot quickly crossed that of Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh), who was chasing Jace, Pete, and Kory, the three men who had kidnapped Caleb in the finale of season 2 and who came back to life at the end of the season premiere.

Manifest season 3:Peter Kramer / WBTV / NBC

Arrested by Michaela and Drea (Ellen Tamaki), Pete (Devin Harjes) was indeed very intrigued by the famous photo found by Angelina. And this for a fairly simple reason: the young boy who stands behind Angelina in the shot in question, it’s him. It, therefore, seems to exist a link between Pete and Angelina, and everything suggests that the ins and outs of this unexpected “relationship” will be explored in the next episodes of season 3 of Manifest.

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“It’s pretty crazy. What are the chances that such a connection exists between Angelina and Pete?” says Holly Taylor in an interview with TVLine. “It’s one of those things that can only happen in the universe of Manifest, where“ everything is connected. ”The revelation of Pete’s presence in the background in the photo foreshadows more information to come and could. well lead towards something that the public does not expect at all “.

It is impossible to know more at this stage, but Holly Taylor confirms that “a bond between them which will grow throughout the season.” And suppose the young interpreter of Angelina also ensures that her character will offer new perspectives to the Stone and forge a true friendship with Olive. In that case, she also teases new trials for the young woman, after what she already has crossed with his parents.

“Angelina will experience even more dramatic events, believe it or not. She will lose her footing again. (…) A complicated path awaits her during this season 3”.

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