Manifest on Netflix: the showrunner says more about the 20 episodes that will conclude the series

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She had been impatiently awaiting the arrival of Netflix and had signed up within the hour to devour the first season of Daredevil. Since then, she closely follows what comes out every week on the platform to have binge-watching evenings and advise you on the best streaming outputs.

After Netflix’s miracle rescue of Manifest, it’s time to write for Jeff Rake, the showrunner of the series. In an interview with EW, he gives the first info on the final season.

Manifest on netflix: the showrunner says more about the 20 episodes that will conclude the series

Like the passengers of Flight 828, the Manifest series has also returned from the dead. Canceled by NBC, she was finally saved by Netflix who offered her 20 episodes to conclude the plot. A choice that obviously delighted the fans, who allowed the show to reach the first place of the most watched programs on the platform for several weeks.

Jeff Rake must therefore return to the “writers room” with his writers to establish a plan of attack, he who had always planned to do 6 seasons, in order to reach the famous date of death of the passengers (who were missing for 5 and a half years as a reminder). But he wants to reassure the fans, in this interview with EW :

The end will not change. And Netflix has been clear, they want us to do the same series. So don’t worry, the tone will be the same, the storytelling will be the same. We will continue to make the series you love. “

If the writers started writing this 4th season of Manifest this week, Netflix is ​​currently negotiating the return of the actors: “Conversations are ongoing. Hope everyone will be back. I’m really optimistic that our favorite characters will return.

Warning for spoilers.

Melissa Roxburgh (Michaela), Josh Dallas (Ben), Jack Messina (Caleb) or Parveen Kaur (Sanvi) are logically part of it. On the other hand, this will not be the case with Athena Karkanis, who was murdered in the last episode of season 3. The writers at this time revealed an older version of Caleb, which should logically have an important place in the film. following.

End spoilers.

As for when this last season of Manifest will be released on Netflix, it will be at least 2022. Still according to Jeff Rake, filming should begin in November or December …

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