Man of Steel on TFX: Henry Cavill failed for the role of Superman in 2006

Man of Steel is broadcast tonight on TFX, the opportunity to discuss Henry Cavill and his various failures before being able to finally slip into the Superman costume!

Hollywood has long sought to resuscitate Superman in the cinema after his incarnation by Christopher Reeve in 4 feature films, between 1978 and 1987. We know in particular the abortive adaptation of Tim Burton with Nicolas Cage: Superman Lives. This project was canceled at the last moment in the late 90s after a chaotic production.


A few years later, in 2004, McG took over the Man of Steel, wishing to bring the character back to the big screen. Entitled Superman Flyby, the film is written by JJ Abrams and Robert Downey Jr. is tipped to play Lex Luthor. The director of Charlie and His Funny Ladies sets out to find the new face of the native of Krypton.

A 21-year-old actor catches her attention. This British comedian, still unknown to the general public, is called Henry Cavill. The latter participates in screen tests wearing the Superman costume, as you can see in the photo below. Unfortunately for McG and Cavill, the project never saw the light of day. The main reason for the disagreement between the filmmaker and Warner Bros. concerns filming locations. The director wants to film in the USA but the studio refuses, preferring Australia.


Henry Cavill during testing for Superman Flyby

After the failure of Superman Flyby, Warner doesn’t give up and turns to Bryan Singer. The director triumphed with the first two installments of X-Men, earning the good graces of the studio. The filmmaker accepts the challenge! The scenario of JJ Abrams is then rejected in favor of that written by Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty, collaborators of Singer on X-Men 2. Note that the latter had to give up the realization of X-Men 3 to devote himself fully to the Man of Steel, leaving The Final Stand to Brett Ratner.


The director must find the right person to succeed Christopher Reeve and revive the last son of Krypton. He needs an actor who knows how to embody all the contrasting qualities of Kal-El, Clark Kent and Superman, who can take on the physical and emotional dimension of the role. He still wanted a stranger: “Someone was needed who would reflect our collective Superman memory and become the living image of the character”, explains the director.

During pre-production, Josh Hartnett, Paul Walker, Matt Bomer, Brendan Fraser, Ashton Kutcher, David Boreanaz, Ian Somerhalder, Jerry O’Connell and Hayden Christensen are all tipped to play Clark Kent. Henry Cavill is also on this list, trying his luck again after the failure of Superman Flyby. Once again, the Briton is failed. Bryan Singer prefers Brandon Routh, chosen in particular for his striking resemblance to Christopher Reeve. The rookie actor was talked about on television in Gilmore Girls or Cold Case.

For Henry Cavill, it’s the cold shower. The coveted role of Superman has just passed under his nose. But the artist is not discouraged and continues the castings. The Briton is on the verge of becoming the new James Bond in Casino Royale. The actor is favored by director Martin Campbell but he is ultimately deemed too young to take on the role of 007. Daniel Craig will eventually be chosen. He also auditions to play the new Dark Knight in Batman Begins, but Christopher Nolan sets his sights on Christian Bale. These successive setbacks earned Cavill a nomination as the most unlucky man in Hollywood by Empire magazine.


All’s well that ends well as Henry Cavill will become Superman on the big screen in 2013 under the direction of Zack Snyder. The director made his choice after asking the actor to put on the costume worn by Christopher Reeve in 1978. “He came out, and no one laughed. Other actors tried on the costume, and it was a joke, even though they were great actors. Henry put it on, and he had that kind of confidence. and crazy calm, which made me say: Wow! Okay, it’s Superman “, confided the filmmaker at the microphone of EW.

Still, Cavill was quite stressed when it came time to audition: “All I could think of was this: Oh my god. They’re going to look at me and say, he’s not Superman. No chance. The actor in me was like, ‘You’re not ready! are not ready!“, he recalls. Today, Man of Steel fans swear by Henry Cavill to once again play Kal-El in a hypothetical Man of Steel 2. Zack Snyder didn’t drop this. project, evidenced by this recent tweet from the director, in which we can see the actor in the original Superman costume, during his casting.

The director ignited the social network, sparking tens of thousands of tweets using the hashtag #HenryCavillSuperman. The Jersey native did well to persevere. After playing the Man of Steel in Man of Steel, Batman V Superman and Justice League, he has been featured in large-scale blockbusters like Code Uncle or Mission Impossible Fallout. He also marked the spirits in the costume of Geralt De Riv, hero of the series The Witcher, whose season 2 is eagerly awaited. Recently, he lent his features to another mythical character, Sherlock Holmes, in Enola Holmes on Netflix.

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