Released in 2013 at the cinema, “Man of Steel” is broadcast this Thursday, April 1 on TF1 Séries Films. And this while Zack Snyder’s feature film has never had a real sequel, and Superman’s future in the cinema is unclear.

Released on June 19, 2013 on our screens, Man of Steel is the reboot of the adventures of Superman signed Zack Snyder. Seven years after the attempt of Bryan Singer who had not completely convinced, the Man of Steel is reborn for good thanks to the director of 300 and Watchmen and the feature film grosses 668 million dollars in the world. Which is more than encouraging and prompts Warner to talk about a sequel… which has still not seen the light of day.

Because if there was a Batman v Superman three years later, the film was in no way a Man of Steel 2, as Zack Snyder himself had specified. While the character played by Henry Cavill has taken off again, dressed all in black, in the new assembly of Justice League, his cinematic horizon seems somewhat blurry, despite the various possibilities.


Its appearance at the very end of the first Shazam! had especially given rise to the announcements of departure of Henry Cavill, who had not been able to make himself available for the shots and was replaced by the understudy of Zachary Levi, whose head was cut off by the frame. Things have changed somewhat since then, but there is still no question that Superman will be present in the sequel, still signed David F. Sandberg and titled Fury of the Gods. Whether it’s a cameo or a supporting role.

The recent example of Justice League’s Snyder Cut, which fans have waited for almost four years, proves, however, that nothing is ever set in stone on the DC side. Especially with a film which is scheduled for release today on May 31, 2023 in our theaters.


This is the most concrete project to date: on February 26, Deadline announces a new movie is in the works. JJ Abrams will be the producer via his company Bad Robot and author and journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates, to whom we owe the book Black anger on racism in the United States and comic books devoted to Black Panther, the screenwriter.

The involvement of the latter also relaunches the rumor of a black Superman and brings out the name of Michael B. Jordan, regularly associated with the role since the end of 2019 and rumors about a project signed… JJ Abrams. Already linked to an aborted reboot in the early 2000s, the director and producer should therefore allow the hero to take off again. But how ? And with who ?

For the moment, the idea of ​​a black Superman has not been confirmed and it comes mainly from speculations related to the identity of the screenwriter. Especially since, at the same time, several fans are campaigning for the return of Henry Cavill in the role, which would certainly go against the reboot side of the whole. In short, there is something concrete about this project, but a lot of vagueness too.


Does the announcement of a reboot put an end to a potential Man of Steel 2? No. Not officially anyway. Unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ruled by a single vision (that of Kevin Feige), Warner and DC went for the card. “multiverse”, which allows several approaches to coexist (around Batman in particular).

The existence of JJ Abrams’ project does not necessarily call into question the existence of Man of Steel 2. But the feature film is not more advanced than that for all that. The names of George Miller, Matthew Vaughn, and Christopher McQuarrie circulated well for directing, but things didn’t get any further. And Henry Cavill’s involvement in The Witcher series shouldn’t help.


After years of campaigning for the real movie, fans now want the sequel to Zack Snyder’s Justice League. A #RestoreTheSnyderVerse circulates regularly on social networks, to encourage Warner to let the director go to the end of what was to be a trilogy. But will the studio give in? Because investing $ 70 million to complete the post-production of an already canned opus is one thing. Unlock 200 to 250 for a feature film for which there may not yet be a script ready to be shot, another.

“Who knows ?”, answers Zack Snyder on this subject, recalling that his assembly of Justice League was not to see the light of day either. There is therefore still hope, even if this sequel could also be intended for the HBO Max platform. If it comes to fruition, which is still far from being won.

What is certain is that there is room for a return of Superman to the movies. It remains to be seen when. And how. And with who.

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