Man Asks if He’s Wrong for Wanting His Son to Be Treated Equally So He Can Enjoy Family Meals

Judging by the title of this article alone, I’d have to say that this guy has done nothing wrong…

All he wants is for his son to be treated equally, after all…

But let’s get some more information before we make up our minds.

Read on to see what happened.

“My son is nine and has ARFID. We are working with many therapists in all areas but its slow developing. He has very few safe foods and they are all super processed “junk” food.

He used to have more foods, but when it changes/tastes different he will no longer eat it. He ate one sour grape seven years ago and still cries at the thought of eating another – its bad.

Anywho, we used to have family meals with my wifes extended family relatively often – a few times a month, maybe. We stopped when we realised eating in groups was making our son worse.

Recently we have had a huge milestone, meaning he can eat in public again – he’s super excited about it, and we’ve eaten out a few times since. McDonald’s, mostly, but he’s still in public.

Anywho, my wife called her sister and asked if we could join their family meals again – maybe just once a month to build his confidence.

She said yes initially, and my wife told her we’d bring his food up so he could eat comfortably. My sister in law then backtracked, saying that wasn’t going to be feasible.

She claimed it was too unfair on the other kids to have to eat proper meals while he gets to snack on junk food. Which we obviously understand, but the youngest of the children is eight, and I feel like at that age its easy to explain that he has additional needs.

Which I mentioned to her – my wife got upset and left me to deal with the conversation. I told my SIL straight that this wasn’t him being treated better, it was a serious medical situation and it wouldn’t be that hard to explain to the rest of the children that he has a different diet to them.

She got increasingly upset, claiming that her children shouldn’t have to be forced to watch him eat nicer food.

I then told her my son shouldn’t be forced to miss out on family meals at which point she hung up.

She later messaged my wife to inform her I was rude and “wouldn’t take no for an answer”.

My wife said I should of just accepted it when she hinted at not wanting him there, but I disagree – I think he’s just as deserving as everyone else.

She got annoyed with me, then, and now I’m just wondering if what I said was really that bad. AITA?”

Let’s see what Reddit users had to say about this story.

One person said he’s NTA but there are definitely some issues here…

Man Asks if Hes Wrong for Wanting His Son to

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Another Reddit user said this shouldn’t be hard to explain to a 9-year-old kid.

1668984746 152 Man Asks if Hes Wrong for Wanting His Son to

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And this individual said this guy is an a**hole for how he’s acting about this.

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