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First quiz dedicated to the different members of the craziest family in America and we start with Malcolm! Can you answer these eight fairly specific questions about the gifted little sibling?

He is the eponymous character and the central character of the Malcolm in the Middle series, which captivated American homes from the beginning of the year 2000 and which landed in France a year and a half later in June 2001 on Série Club : Malcolm is at the heart of today’s quiz.

It is from the first episode of the series that we discover the little boy’s very high intellectual faculties, with an extraordinary IQ for a child of this age. Abilities that will lead him to have to integrate against his will a class of other gifted children like him, nicknamed the heads of light bulbs.

Because Malcolm does not assume this superior intelligence at all, which will prove throughout the series to be more of an obstacle to happiness than an asset in everyday life. In fact, he aspires only to a normal life, simply by being integrated into his school environment.

It is the actor Frankie Muniz who plays the main character of the series, a very young actor who had already been seen in a few television series and TV movies in the late 90s such as Spin City, or Sabrina the Teenage Witch. .

He will also shoot a few feature films in the early 2000s before putting his acting career on hold to devote himself to his other passion, car racing. He will then attempt a media return, through various projects (music groups, TV series, American version of Dancing with the Stars), but without real success.

Malcolm will therefore undoubtedly remain the greatest role of the actor’s career. And you, do you really know the series and its main character? This is what we are going to check with this quiz in eight questions on the little genius of the family.

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