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Make way for chaos on Disney +: Malcolm and his turbulent brothers land this Wednesday, December 15 on the streaming platform. Why is it necessary to (re) discover the hilarious misadventures of this essential family of the small screen?


A little genius in spite of himself, Malcolm lives in an extraordinary family. The gifted young man does not hesitate to use his intelligence to do the 400 blows with his brothers. And the parents are trying as best they can to channel the energy of these little demons.

The first five seasons of Malcolm are available at Disney +. With Frankie Muniz, Bryan Cranston, Jane Kaczmarek, Christopher Masterson, Justin Berfield and Erik Per Sullivan.


It is a beautiful Christmas present in advance that slips this Wednesday, December 15 on Disney + with the arrival of the first five seasons of the unforgettable Malcolm series. Excellent news for fans of the first hour as well as for novices who will perhaps finally be convinced to watch this must-see comedy.

With humor and impertinence, this sitcom like no other follows the daily life of a gifted teenager, Malcolm (Frankie Muniz), and his untenable brothers who never cease to stand out for the worse and … unfortunately only for that. . Lois, their strict and bossy mother, and Hal, their immature and irresponsible father, are struggling to make ends meet despite all the goodwill in the world.

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Broadcast in France in the 2000s, and rebroadcast over and over again on television afterwards, the Malcolm series marked a whole generation of viewers with its delirious humor and originality. Drawing inspiration from his own life, Linwood Boomer features a family unlike those of traditional sitcoms: chaotic, dysfunctional, unleashed, yet tight-knit and touching.

In Malcolm, everything goes wrong. And yet everything seems to be going in the right direction: a relevant representation of a family of the American middle class, of the famous “little people” as Lois states in the final episode of the series. Never really named, a little everyone and a little nobody at the same time, the daily life of this household quickly becomes an unmissable event on television.

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Beyond what she tells, it is also by its form that the series surprises. Far from other sitcoms, it brings a touch of modernity to the genre. No more recorded laughs that sound false, and cardboard decorations. Malcolm finally gives the feeling of being anchored in the world as we know it (even if we obviously would have all dreamed of being able to live in the immense house of Sheffields!).

The “bulb head” also regularly breaks the fourth wall to address the public directly with its characteristic cynicism.


Throughout its 151 episodes, the cult series offers viewers anthology sequences, both through the funny situations in which we find Malcolm’s family, as through the inimitable performances of its actors, Bryan Cranston in mind (before playing Walter White in Breaking Bad, he played a family in the grip of very different worries!).

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If some members of the cast have disappeared from the radar following the success of the series, they will at least have taken the time to regale us before that in roles, admittedly stereotypical, but so memorable. Between Hal’s roller-skating choreographies, Dewey’s unforgettable song to charm the babysitter, the filthy leftover gratin prepared by Lois or Francis’s setbacks in Alaska, it’s difficult to decide between the best scenes.

We could not conclude this article without mentioning its emblematic credits, punctuated by the song Boss of me from the group They Might Be Giants, sung at the top of their lungs with each viewing. Life is unfair!

Fifteen years after the end of the series, Malcolm and his rowdy brothers have probably lost none of their poise. Find them now on the Disney + platform.

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