Malcolm: 8 episodes where Hal made us scream with laughter

Malcolm: 8 episodes where Hal made us scream with laughter

The more seasons of “Malcolm” go by, the more delirious the character of Hal, played by Bryan Cranston, becomes. Back on those moments when his irresponsibility, his new passions or his posturing made us have fits of laughter.


Hal and his steamroller (S04E04)


It’s one of the funniest episodes in the series, no doubt because of the extreme nature of Hal’s obsession with winning the lottery. And what to do with a large sum of money when you are an irresponsible father? Buy a road roller to crush more and more awesome things.

A frenzy then touches Hal, who becomes unstoppable, to the point of stealing the show from the other intrigues of the episode. And only Dewey will be able to put an end to this madness. Typical of a Malcolm episode!

Hal and the Athletic Walking (S04E07)


Hal’s competitive spirit is put to the test. While he developed a passion for athletic walking and was recognized as having a certain talent in this discipline, however new to him, he found in Wheeler, a professional athletic walker, an opponent of his size.

Another hobby for Hal which turns into an obsession, because the father refuses to admit that he could be less strong than Wheeler. He will go through every second of a video on his opponent’s walking technique in order to be able to compromise him. Once again, Hal is showing an unfair mindset, but the facts will prove him right. And his racing suit alone is worth the detour!

Hal and the Dance Competitions (S05E18)


If since episode 13 of season 1 (see below), we know that Hal has unsuspected roller dance skills, we did not know his talent for dance competitions. By discovering the video game “Jump Jump Dance Party!”, Hal joins forces with Craig to form a duo of shock. The moment comes when the possibility of a competition arises, and Hal becomes unmanageable.

Bryan Cranston gives it all in this physically intensive yet demanding acting episode, with Hal’s evolving passion. There is a hilarious exchange between Lois and Hal about the preventive measures taken by the family as soon as Hal experiences an obsessive crisis.

Hal Flames in Las Vegas (S05E01)


Hal dreams of winning millions of dollars from a slot machine in Las Vegas. Where some would say, “It was just a dream,” Hal sees a premonition and immediately heads to Vegas to try his luck. He takes his whole family with him, without saying anything about the real reason for this impromptu trip, especially since to pay for it, Hal has spent nothing less than his life insurance!

This high roller reflex will obviously not be rewarded, and the money will have been spent for nothing. A complete failure that from the return trip, Malcolm tries to forget … we understand!

Hal and his invented Christmas (S06E06)


Hal and Lois do not have the money to give their children Christmas presents and decide that the presents will be “homemade” this year. But as Malcolm, Reese and Dewey give them wonderful gifts, Hal feels guilty about his miserable gift and invents that he has prepared a surprise for his sons, not knowing what he is going to be able to offer them.

Without any morals, Hal ends up paying for an evening of skiing for the whole family using a credit card belonging to Malcolm, obviously without telling him anything. Hal once again proves his irresponsibility but offers great moments when he sinks deeper into the lie. A somewhat amoral but cult episode!

Hal and the Robot Killer (S01E14)


Malcolm and his gifted friends try to make a destructive robot. Hal, who was passing by, looks at the plans for the project and decides to tinker with something too. But passion wins, and Hal throws himself body and soul into this project, to the point of neglecting his work to the point of being close to losing it!

It will take all the insistence (and threats) of his son Malcolm and then the triggering of the robot-killer of his manufacture for him to finally come back down to earth. In the meantime, he will have made us laugh, especially in the resolution of the episode, which we will not spoil here.

Hal roller skating specialist (S01E13)


Malcolm wants to learn rollerblading to improve his hockey skills and wants to ask Hal for advice. His older brother Reese warns him: he was traumatized during his training with their father. Malcolm hesitates but has no choice, he must go through this step to improve. He discovers that Hal is both very talented and at the same time way too involved.

The young boy does not understand the lessons of his father, who strives to teach him dance steps to the music of Lipps Inc. and the song Funkytown. The choreography that he then performs is mythical, like the lesson in life he gives to Malcolm during the episode, especially with regard to the use of swear words.

Hal split! (S03E03)


Lois goes to a book club and Hal, who has to look after the children on her own, panics. The different embodiments of his consciousness begin to appear to him and make their voices heard. This episode allows you to see all the facets of the character and offers a Hal completely overwhelmed by his anxieties … to die of laughter!

Michel and Michel from Faux raccords dare to tackle the series! Respect is dead …

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