Making-of Fast and Furious 9: crumpled tin and messed up car crashes

Making-of Fast and Furious 9: crumpled tin and messed up car crashes

A few days before its arrival in Chinese theaters, “Fast & Furious 9” announces the color with a spectacular glimpse behind the scenes and accidents made without digital effects.

Since its beginnings, almost 20 years ago, crumpled iron has been one of the constituent ingredients of the Fast & Furious saga. And there is obviously no question of that changing with episode 9. The proof in pictures with this behind the scenes video of the film signed Justin Lin.

The day after SuperBowl, where the feature film was illustrated with a TV spot, the director unveiled the secrets of one of his stunts, proving in passing that special effects were more practical than digital. And the same goes with this featurette, which teases a lot of action scenes and car accidents.

Expected on July 14 on our screens, after more than a year of postponement, Fast & Furious 9 will be released on June 25 in the United States and at the end of May in Russia and China. After leaving the controls of opus 7 and 8 to James Wan and F. Gary Gray, Justin Lin returns to the saga and obviously does not intend to skimp on the show, while it is expected that some of the characters will make a detour by the ‘space.

After Jason Statham then Charlize Theron, Vin Diesel will face John Cena, aka Jakob Toretto. Either the hero’s brother. The face-to-face therefore promises to be particularly personal for those who are very attached to the word. “family”.

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