Make Easy Fall Wreath with Garden Shrubs and Foliage  

The fun season is here when there is a nip in the air and intoxicating fragrances waft around, holidays pour in, and throw pillows, blankets, and sweaters come out of the closet. It is also the season when you can indulge in fun decoration crafts for the entire house. Let’s start at the entrance. A door is a mirror to your house, and it should be graced with a fabulous fall wreath.

Now, you can purchase fall wreaths from your nearby store, but nothing compares to the joy of DIY-ing these loops of happiness. Keeping that in mind, here is an easy DIY fall wreath that is easy to make and will not cost you much. Interestingly, you can make this fall wreath with shrubs and foliage plucked from your garden.

Finish with Flowers at the end
Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

Let’s get to it, then.

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Supplies required:

  • A burlap wreath
  • Fall flowers and foliage
  • Scissors
  • Thread
Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

DIY Fall Wreath With Garden Foliage

  • Get your supplies in order. Start decorating the wreath with the flora you have gathered from your garden or backyard. Chances are that you have one or other species of ornamental grasses, such as pampas or fountain grass
  • Begin with ornamental grass and stack the smaller items such as leaves and flowers on top
  • Keep tying the items with the help of the thread to secure them in place
  • If you have a vine growing in your garden, wrap it halfway through the wreath before topping it up with the flowers
  • The wreath is complete. Hang it on the door, a window, or an empty wall. Now, stand back and enjoy your work of art
Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

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Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

Here is the video tutorial. Happy crafting!

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