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As the year 2021 draws to a close, we are taking a tour of the must-see programs on madelen. Maurice Pialat’s unique series, a look behind the scenes at Matignon, a historic victory in pictures… Ask for the program!


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As we prepare to turn the last page of 2021, the end-of-year celebrations are conducive to taking a step back from the past twelve months and traveling far and wide in order to see a new perspective on the year that will come to us. waits. For the occasion, spotlight on the essential programs of the madelen platform, to see or see again without moderation!


The house in the woods

Maurice Pialat, it’s not just cinema! In 1971, the French director set about working on the television series for the ORTF with the historical fiction La Maison des Bois, his first and only series. In seven episodes, he tells the story of three Parisian children taken in boarding school by a couple during the First World War.

Through the daily life of these young characters and their entourage, the filmmaker paints a portrait of rural France at the start of the 20th century with accuracy and sensitivity. A work still applauded today by critics and connoisseurs, which is (re) discovered with great happiness on the Madelen platform.

Secret fates of stars

On both sides of the Atlantic, they marked their time to become some of the most famous women in the world. In his documentary Secret fates of stars, the writer and journalist Henry-Jean Servat is interested in the greatest icons of the 50s and 60s, from Marilyn Monroe to Grace Kelly, without forgetting Elizabeth Taylor, Maria Callas, Brigitte Bardot and Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis.

So many unforgettable personalities whose intersecting destinies are brought to light here thanks to exceptional archive images, some unpublished or unknown. Follow guide Henry-Jean Servat through this glamorous documentary, which also recalls the difficulties and sacrifices required to become a star!


But also…

Many nuggets are hidden in the impressive catalog of madelen, which brings together more than 15,000 contents. Among them, the three-part thriller Doctor Teyran with Michel Piccoli in the role of a renowned surgeon ready to do anything to protect his family.

The platform also gives pride of place to celebrity portraits: Bernadette Lafont exactly shines the spotlight on the French actress revealed by François Truffaut, whom spectators can also rediscover thanks to a retrospective of nearly ten films on madelen; Django Reinhardt, three fingers of genius looks back on the life of the jazz prodigy; Bernard Blier puzzle style looks with a lot of humor on the exceptional career of the prolific actor!



Your turn Milord

So mysterious and inaccessible, the world of espionage has never ceased to fascinate spectators, and this for a long time. While Daniel Craig hung up this year the tuxedo of 007 in Mourir can wait, the secret agent Milord (Henri Piégay) gives him an appointment with the subscribers on madelen in the soap opera Your turn Milord.

In 1974, the French director Christian-Jaque (Fanfan la Tulipe) directed the investigation of this former counter-espionage agent, surrounded by his acolytes Bébert (Mario David) and Zouzou (Patrick Préjean). Their mission? Prevent the secrets of the battle tank dubbed the Titan from falling into the wrong hands. The outcome ? It’s up to you to find out in the six episodes available on the platform.


The Hell of Matignon

On everyone’s lips for several months now, the 2022 presidential election has not finished talking about it. While awaiting the results in April, the documentary series The Hell of Matignon invites spectators to go behind the scenes of this high place of the French government. In four episodes, she reveals the background of this function thanks to the testimonies of 12 former prime ministers.

Alain Juppé, Edith Cresson, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, as well as Michel Rocard, Lionel Jospin and Laurent Fabius discuss their personal experience as Prime Minister, their answers illustrated by archive images. Discover this documentary signed Philippe Kohly now on madelen.

A dream team: the blues, the epic of 1984

More than four years after their victory in Russia, the Blues will put their title of world champions at stake in the winter of 2022. Before finding Kylian Mbappé and his teammates at the World Cup, back on the journey of another team who also marked the history of French football and a whole generation of fans: Michel Platini and his gang, at the 1984 European Championship.

The documentary A dream team: the blues, the epic of 1984 traces the months of preparation of the France team before this long-awaited competition until its consecration on the ground. The common thread is the story of a young fan who fervently supports these players who make him dream so much. A fascinating film by Adolphe Drhey which will delight football fans as well as those who are less knowledgeable!


Among the many other programs not to be missed on madelen, INA’s svod platform, here are a few that are just waiting for you.

Love is gay, love is sad

A delicious burlesque comedy by Jean-Daniel Pollet, which brings together Claude Melki, Bernadette Lafont, Chantal Goya and Jean-Pierre Marielle on screen. Shy and dreamy, Léon falls under the spell of a friend of his sister’s, a young provincial who settles under their roof.

The Comédie-Française sings Gainsbourg

Six comedians from the Comédie-Française revisit their musical show Les Serge (Gainsbourg point barre) in the form of a small studio session where they cover some of the greatest titles of the French artist.


It’s midnight, Paris is waking up

Yves Jeuland opens the doors to Parisian cabarets of the 50s and 60s, with testimonies from Charles Aznavour, Pierre Perret, Serge Lama, Juliette Gréco, Jean Rochefort, Anne Sylvestre and many others.

What will become of them?

Produced over a period of 10 years, this documentary follows students in a sixth grade until they enter working life, between dreams, hopes, disappointments, successes and failures. Discover their journey now.

In Valparaiso

Immerse yourself in the heart of the famous Chilean port city with the incredible architecture of Valparaiso in this documentary by Joris Ivens in collaboration with Chris Marker.

Find all these programs on the madelen platform.

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