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Cult series of the 60s, The Last Five Minutes is to (re) discover on the Madelen platform. Thanks to its original concept, it invites spectators to lead the investigation in the company of Commissioner Bourrel, played by Raymond Souplex.


The Last Five Minutes follows the investigations of Inspector Bourrel, a gruff but insightful man, in the Paris of the 60s. Accompanied by his deputy Dupuy, he connects criminal cases in various professional and social circles: the security industry music, a hairdressing salon, behind the scenes of a theater, a boxing ring, the big top of a circus troupe …

Before revealing the end of the story, the detective turns to the spectators to inquire about their opinion on the potential culprit. He then returns to the various clues slipped throughout the episode until the final denouement.

Discover the series The last five minutes on madelen.


Launched in 1958 on French television, The Five Last Minutes is one of the most famous series of police investigations of the 1960s. Carried by the very popular Raymond Souplex in the role of Inspector Bourrel, it is based on an original concept which has something to surprise the spectators of the time like those of today!

During its first episodes, the series is not just a simple fiction, but a real game show. Two viewers are invited to the set and watch the episode filming live. At the end of it, and before the final revelation, the two participants try to unmask the culprit. They even have the opportunity to watch two scenes of their choice, replayed before their eyes and those of the spectators by the actors.

Despite the uniqueness of the project, Claude Loursais’s series finally turned to a more traditional model after only a few episodes. The inimitable Inspector Bourrel nevertheless continues to regularly break the fourth wall to seek the opinion of the spectators on the identity of the culprit and to comment on the clues found. Without forgetting its essential replica: “Good God ! But of course it is !”.

Incarnated by a Raymond Souplex at the height of his art, Inspector Bourrel will be replaced after the disappearance of his interpreter in 1972 by several commissioners, including Julien Cabrol (Jacques Debary) from 1975 to 1992 in the second edition and Julien Massard (Pierre Santini) from 1992 to 1996.

Apart from the grieving policeman and his sidekick Dupuy, played by Jean Daurand in the first season, The Last Five Minutes also relies on a good range of secondary actors, in particular to play the suspects: Pierre Brasseur, Michel Bouquet, Françoise Fabian, Danièle Évenou, Pierre Tornade, Claude Berri, Anémone, but also Serge Gainsbourg or even a very young Yves Rénier (then only 21 years old).


With new characters and suspects every episode (for a total of 149 episodes), it’s not always easy to find suitable names for all these beautiful people. In the program Beyond the screen recorded in 1962, the screenwriters André Maheux and Henri Grangé reveal their little secret: the railroad indicator.

It is in this very precious repertoire that the two men find inspiration. Carnolès, Lestelle, Grisolles… The characters in the series therefore bear names… of stations! But beware, “There are station names which are very good station names, but which are not always very good character names”. An excerpt to review now on madelen in the Rembob’INA show dedicated to the series The Last Five Minutes.


Thanks to its playful and interactive side, The Last Five Minutes invites spectators to slip into the shoes of a real detective in search of the slightest clues communicated on the screen. Will you be able to find the culprit at the end of the episode? Or will you be surprised by the final reveal? Discover the series now on the madelen platform.


  • Rembob’INA – The Last Five Minutes

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