Madame Doubtfire on TFX: return to the aborted project immediately – teller report

Madame doubtfire on tfx: return to the aborted project immediately - teller report

Did you know that Madame Doubtfire, cult comedy worn by Robin Williams, could have had a sequel? Explanations!

Released in theaters in February 1994, Madame Doubtfire is a worldwide triumph! In France, it brings together more than 5 million spectators, imposing Robin Williams as the undisputed star of US comedy.

As a reminder, the film follows the character of Daniel Hillard, cartoon dubbing actor. Following his divorce, he can no longer see his three children whom he adores. The latter then uses all his talents as an actor and imitator and turns into a respectable Irish governess. When Mrs. Doubtfire introduced herself to the Hillard family, she was accepted unanimously.

Directed by Chris Columbus (Mom I Missed the Plane, Harry Potter), the feature film brings in $ 440 million in worldwide revenue for a budget of $ 25 million. This commercial success gives ideas to the director and the studio 20th Century Fox. A sequel is therefore fairly quickly considered.

Despite the reluctance of the actor, who hated the sequels, several plots were proposed. One of the ideas was taking Daniel Hillard to college, disguised as Mrs. Doubtfire. Her goal was to watch her daughter while she was studying. Robin Williams did not like the ideas, however; over time, the plan to resuscitate the famous governess fell into oblivion. Bonnie Hunt is a time evoked in 2004 to take up the torch and direct Madame Doubtfire 2. Once again, the scenario does not suit and is abandoned.

Against all expectations, a sequel idea was relaunched in May 2013, spurred on by Chris Columbus: “Robin Williams and I are discussing a sequel to Madame Doubtfire. We’ve talked about it, and the studio seems interested. What fascinates me is when actors again take on the role of an iconic character they’ve got. created, they are 20 years older and no longer look like him “, confided the filmmaker to the Huffington Post.

“The good thing about Madame Doubtfire is that there is this character, this woman, who will look exactly like the one from 1993. So I can’t wait to see that. I wish we could do it without special effects. Just make sure the story is good and emotional, that there is a reason to tell it, and that it doesn’t sound like Big Mamma or anything like that. this genre”, added Columbus, tackling comedy with Martin Lawrence in passing.

Unfortunately, on August 11, 2014, Robin Williams left us abruptly at the age of 63. The sequel project to Madame Doubtfire also died with him, the actor being inseparable from this mythical role. “His interpretations were unique. They seemed to come from another world. He was truly one of the few people who deserved to be called a genius.”, said Chris Columbus in the columns of Variety, as stated in the book Robin williams by Emily Herbert, published by Michel Lafon.


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