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Mad Max Furiosa has revealed its first event trailer. The opportunity to take stock of everything we know about this new part of the Mad Max saga.

9 years after Mad Max Fury Road, Furiosa will arrive in cinemas on May 22, 2024. The first images released on December 1 have already set the internet abuzz. The feature film centers on the youth of Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron in 2015.

We take stock of everything you need to know about one of the films that will undoubtedly be an event in 2024.

The story: what does it say?

As the world collapses, young Furiosa falls into the hands of a horde of bikers led by the warlord Dementus. Crossing the Wasteland, they come across the Citadel presided over by Immortan Joe. As the two tyrants fight for dominance, Furiosa must survive many trials to find a way home.

The screenplay is co-written by George Miller and Nico Lathouri.

Where does the film compare to Mad Max Fury Road?

Furiosa recounts the young years of the character (played by Charlize Theron in the original film) before her alliance with Max Rockatansky, will also have a little superheroic air since it will include Chris Hemsworth, the Thor of the saga, in its cast Avengers. George Miller, the man behind the four Mad Max films made since the late 70s, directs, writes and produces this new feature film.

Mad Max Furiosa release casting plot Everything you need to
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Casting: who plays in Mad Max Furiosa?

After Charlize Theron, it is Anya Taylor-Joy who takes on the role of the warrior in her younger years. Since her debut in 2016 in The Witch, Anya Taylor-Joy's Hollywood career has been closely followed, oscillating between independent works and major productions, with some notable “pop” films such as Split by M. Night Shyamalan, the Netflix series Queen's Gambit or the animated film Super Mario Bros.

Around her, we find Chris Hemsworth, who needs no introduction! About his character, the villainous Warlord Dementus, he presented him as a “complicated personality“. “He is very violent, crazy, brutal who comes from Wasteland, where the Mad Max saga takes place. It has a lot of intensity, brutality“.

Tom Burke, Quaden Bayles and Nathan Jones are also in the cast. Part of the artistic team will be the same as Fury Road: editor Margaret Sixel, costume designer Jenny Beavan and composer Junkie XL.

Why isn't Charlize Theron in the film?

The film being a prequel, taking place before Furiosa, the return of Charlize Theron is compromised. But it is useful to point out that the idea of ​​a digital rejuvenation had been considered during a period of pre-production of the project. But this solution did not convince George Miller.

There will therefore be no Charlize Theron in this new part, but if other sequels were to see the light of day, the actress has indicated that she would be willing to return.

Release date: when is it coming out?

The date chosen for France is May 22, 2024. That is almost 9 years to the day after Mad Max Fury Road, released on May 14, 2015. This date would again coincide with the Cannes Film Festival. Fury Road was screened in 2015, to great critical success.

Filming Dates: When was the film filmed?

Filming began on June 1, 2022 and concluded in November, in Australia. Post-production was therefore particularly long on Furiosa, like any feature film requiring extensive work on special effects. Almost a year and a half will have passed between the end of filming and the actual release of the film.

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Why so much waiting between the original saga and the two new parts?

The original saga began in 1979 with Mad Max, then in 1981, Mad Max 2: The Challenge, and finally, in 1985, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Let us point out that in France, we had to wait until 1982 to see Mad Max 1 and 2 in quick succession, released in January 82 and August 82 respectively.

The idea of ​​a fourth Mad Max – which became Fury Road – germinated in George Miller's head in 1997. However, the various commercial failures of the filmmaker (Lorenzo and Happy Feet 2), the production difficulties and the incessant postponements of filming meant that Fury Road was only released in May 2015, thirty years after the last opus.

The fourth episode of the Mad Max series was initially supposed to be filmed in Namibia in 2003. But the invasion of Iraq by the American army that same year convinced the bosses of the 20th Century Fox studio to cancel the project. In 2010, the film was once again in the pre-production phase for a release date scheduled for summer 2012. Production was nevertheless interrupted again due to torrential rains disrupting the landscape of the chosen region in Australia. This pushed the team to find a new location and Namibia was once again designated as the ideal location to film this fourth installment of the saga. Filming could finally begin in April 2012.

Remember that initially, George Miller had considered shooting two Mad Max films in quick succession. Mad Max: Fury Road and therefore Furiosa, more centered on Charlize Theron's character, Empress Furiosa.

Fury Road enjoyed great critical and public success: it grossed more than $375 million worldwide and won 6 Oscars. In France, George Miller's film attracted 2.3 million spectators.

9 years have passed since the release of Fury Road and Furiosa which will arrive in May 2024.

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