MacGyver: the reboot with Lucas Till ends after 5 seasons

The American channel CBS announced the discontinuation of “MacGyver”, the reboot of the cult series carried by Lucas Till, after 5 seasons and 94 episodes. The last episode will be broadcast on April 30 across the Atlantic.

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End of the journey for MacGyver. The American channel CBS announced yesterday the end of the series after 5 seasons. The last episode of the reboot of the cult series, carried by Lucas Till, will be broadcast on April 30 in the United States.

On average, the first 12 episodes of season 5 gathered 4.8 million viewers, for a rate of 0.8 on the target of 18-49 years. Scores down 22% compared to season 4, according to TVLine, which obviously pushed the channel to put a definitive stop to the mission of Angus “Mac” MacGyver.

The series should be entitled to a real conclusion, however, as CBS President Kelly Kahl said in a statement:

“CBS is extremely grateful for the incredible work done by Lucas and the rest of the cast, as well as Monica Macer, the writers and the entire crew. (…) We are happy to be able to offer our loyal fans the opportunity. to say goodbye to their favorite characters in the caring way they deserve “.

Lucas Till, who has played the hero of MacGyver since the first episode aired in 2016, was quick to react to the announcement of the end of the series. “Where to start? The last five years will undoubtedly remain the most formative of my life”, wrote the comedian in a long message posted on Instagram.

“Lots of hard times, lots of love. I made lifelong friends. Actually, no, I made a family. I learned to push my limits. I was nervous to pick up the torch. of an icon, but you have welcomed me into your homes and accepted me. I am now Roger Moore of the MacGyvers thanks to your support. “.

MacGyver isn’t the only iconic CBS series to stop this year as NCIS: New Orleans and Mom were also canceled after 7 and 8 seasons respectively.

But the American channel has no shortage of projects since it recently ordered a revival of Experts as well as a second FBI spin-off, titled FBI: International. And still side series, an NCIS spin-off set in Hawaii would also be under consideration.

In France, MacGyver is broadcast on M6 which has not yet offered season 4 to date.

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