MacGyver on M6: by the way, how does it end?

While M6 is broadcasting the last three episodes of the final season of “MacGyver” this Saturday evening, find out how the reboot of the cult series from the 80s ends.

After 5 years of good and loyal service, macgyverthe reboot of the cult series 80s with Richard Dean Anderson, bows out this Saturday evening on M6. Launched in 2016 on CBS, the fiction carried by Lucas Till was canceled at the end of its season 5, just three weeks before the airing of the last episode.

While this last-minute announcement didn’t allow Macgyver to deliver a worthy ending for die-hard fans, the writers still managed to deliver a satisfying episode that honors the main character’s past while hinting at his future.

A disturbing disappearance

The final episode, titled “The Guinea Pigs,” opens in classic Mac fashion, Riley (Tristin Mays), Desi (Levy Tran) and Bozer (Justin Hires) running an undercover operation at an underground poker game. With everything going according to plan, with Desi having managed to discreetly place a tracker on a target’s back, Mac and Riley suddenly disappear.

24 hours later, Mac and Riley suddenly reappear with no memory of where they were, what they did, or what happened to them. Matty (Meredith Eaton) and his colleague Russ (Henry Ian Cusick) put them through a battery of medical tests and found that they had been pricked by needles more than 237 times.

There is no longer any possible doubt: someone used the duo as a laboratory rat and the nanotracers, which were implanted in their bodies during a previous mission, are linked to this disappearance. But who is behind it?

Mac is investigating

As Matty continues to search for answers, Mac is confined to his home with Riley, Bozer and Desi, and must deal with his feelings about this violation he has suffered. But before leaving the base, he seizes one of the vials of his blood in order to carry out his own research on what happened to him.

Macgyver on m6: by the way, how does it end?

Seeing the unusual color of the blood, Mac deduces that he and Riley were drugged, resulting in amnesia. He will then use the concept of “state-dependent memory” (which considers that the retrieval of memories is more efficient if the recall takes place when the subject is in the same physiological, affective or emotional state as that present during the memorization) by re-enacting the events of that night in his apartment until the details come back to him.

After falling asleep on the couch, Mac and Riley have the same flashbacks that transport them to an almond grove in Lost Hills. From there, they are able to track down the abandoned warehouse where they were held captive.

Russ, who has been following Mac and his team’s doings, is disappointed to find that they disobeyed Matty’s orders, but his anger is short-lived as Mac allowed them to find Jennifer Pool (Shi Ne Nielson), the right arm of Orson Marcato (Tom Nowicki), which they suspect is behind the nanotracers.

Russ then questions the young woman about Marcato’s plan, while Riley gives the hard drive of Pool’s computer to two of his hacker friends. They discover a video showing Mac and Riley under mind control of the nanotracers, forced to fight against each other without flinching.

Nanotracers for mind control

The team then discovers that Marcato originally developed the nanotracers to fight depression, but he soon discovered that they had some interesting side effects, to say the least. He plans to disperse the nanotracers through the air, via fireworks at a military event in Washington that many families will attend.

The team also discovers that Marcato’s experiments were funded by the US government. So Mac and his team travel to Washington and race against time to reach the fireworks before they’re set off.

Macgyver on m6: by the way, how does it end?

As a tech genius, of course, Macgyver can’t just turn them off. He will manipulate their contents to create a super-rocket capable of safely dispersing the nanobots into the ozone layer.

The end of the Phoenix Foundation?

Once the population is saved, all that’s left for the agency to do is rid Mac and Riley of the nanotracers, with the cooperation of Marcato. To do this, Russ will place them both in hyperbaric chambers, in order to increase the absorption of oxygen in their blood, which will allow the robots to be killed.

If Riley is rescued very easily, Mac, for his part, nearly dies, the pressure of the box having caused him convulsions and cardiac arrest. Luckily, he survives and also manages to get rid of the nanotracers.

He finally makes the decision to leave the Phoenix Foundation because he cannot ignore the recent actions of the American government. When he tells the rest of the team about his decision, Bozer, Desi, and Riley decide to go with him.

That’s when Matty tells them that they’ve cut all ties with the government and that the foundation will now be funded solely by Russ. So they all decide to stay to live new adventures together.

Find the last 3 episodes of the fifth and final season of Macgyver this Saturday evening from 9:10 p.m. on M6

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