M6 Kid: 10 cartoons from this show from our childhood

If you were born at the end of the 80s, you grew up with M6 Kid, a Wednesday afternoon program on M6, which showed us cartoons that belonged only to it. Little throwback to childhood.

M6 kid: 10 cartoons from this show from our childhood

Ace Ventura, dog and cat detective

The same year as the film Ace Ventura in Africa at the cinema, CBS launched in the United States the cartoon Ace Ventura, detective dogs and cats, based on the character played by Jim Carrey in two feature films released in 1994 and 1995. In France , it was broadcast from the start of the 1997 school year.

The good news is that Emmanuel Curtil, who dubs the voice of Jim Carrey in French, provides that of the cartoon, which allows young spectators to find the same voice as that of the films. And this, even though in the original version, it is not that of Jim Carrey, but that of Michael Daingerfield (yes, Darkseid in Smallville).

The series is built on an investigation by Ace Ventura by episode, whose villain is often the formidable Atrocia Odora, a sort of Cruella with drawn features and a sickly look. Obviously, Ace always gets away with doing anything, mostly singing, in short, the character is just as offbeat as the one in the movies!

Archie, mysteries and company

To begin with, even if we did not necessarily know it at the time of viewing, yes, it is indeed Archie from Riverdale! A spatio-temporal rupture opens the small American town to the arrival of creatures from other worlds! Archie and his friends Betty, Veronica and Reggie are the only ones who can see them!

What really works in Archie, mysteries and company are the different atmospheres allowed by the series thanks to the diversity of monsters that can land in Riverdale. We therefore oscillate according to the episode between a horrific atmosphere, that of a haunted house, a perverted circus, etc. All with a small band most often united that we enjoy finding. What more ?

Creepy Crawlers

“It was on a strange night that it all happened!” Christophe accidentally knocks over a box containing a sticky liquid and releases giant insects adept at combat in all its forms and gifted with speech: the Creepy Crawlers.

Any resemblance to the Ninja Turtles would not be a coincidence, since the principle is the same in both series, except that the villain is not called Shredder but Maxicrasse. And if the Creepy Crawlers are box games born in 1964 long before the Turtles, the story of their animated series is a copy of that of the ninja mutants of the sewers.

Having said that, the series manages to give an endearing personality to each of the Creepy Crawlers, some even evolve within the series. The way Christophe finds himself managing all this little world also gives rise to fun and good-natured situations. The villains on the other hand were pretty creepy, especially this green skeleton with a jawbone hat that we saw in the credits:

Diabolik, in the footsteps of the panther

The cartoon is adapted from the film Danger: Diabolik, itself taken from the Italian comics by Angela and Luciana Giussani. Like an Arsène Lupin or a Fantômas, Diabolik is a burglar who stands out visually because he wears a hood revealing only his eyes.

In the cartoon, Diabollik, helped by Eva and all sorts of gadgets of his invention, faces one by one the members of the Brotherhood, a criminal organization. It is above all an action series, and we get our money’s worth, because the series is full of stunts of all kinds, very well animated and edited.

The series was a bit lacking in its plots, which were often complex and dispatched by a few lines of dialogue so that the pace was always very sustained. We came out stuck and also a little exhausted, but it was worth it!

Draculito, my tapper

The eldest son of the famous count Dracula, ten years old, lives crazy adventures within his family of vampires. Helped by Handy, an animated hand, and Lapin Garou, a lycanthrope rabbit cyclops, Draculito alias Little Drac goes through the great stages of childhood but in a very special atmosphere, notably by countering the fearsome Clove of Garlic, who wishes to destroy the lineage of blood drinkers.

The series has a very light tone and skilfully tackles the various questions of the passage from childhood to early adolescence, tinting them with the very particular context of the series, because Draculito does not necessarily have the childhood of everything the world ! His family is also very inspired by that of the Addams Family, so the parents are on familiar ground.

See you again, the series is still to be shown to experienced eyes (7-8 years old) because of the “chills” atmosphere sometimes present in the series, and each parent will judge whether the character of Igor, who mistreats the zombie Victim in every possible way in each of the episodes is an example to give to the children.

Gadget Boy

First broadcast in 1995, Gadget Boy is a co-production between the United States and France largely inspired by Inspector Gadget. With his dog G9 and his friend Estelle, the little Gadget will use all the bionic implants at his disposal to counter the plans of various threats, including the fearsome Arachna, who wishes to dominate the world.

Even if the aficionados of M6 Kid never knew anything about it, in reality Gadget Boy is two series. The first, Gadget Boy, takes place in contemporary times, the second sees the little hero travel through time and meet the great figures of history. During its French broadcast, the episodes were mixed as if they were one and the same series.

All the gags and recurring elements of the Inspector Gadget series are taken up for a new audience, up to taking up the idea of ​​the character of “Boss”, who entrusts the missions, dear to the series. Note that if Luq Hamet doubled Gadget Boy on a few episodes, we will especially recognize the voice of Elie Semoun in the title role, and that of Roger Carel for that of the boss.

The Delajungle Family

A slightly later series, which M6 Kid aired at the end of the 90s, La Famille Delajungle has a rather original theme: a family travels around the world through a van. Eliza, 12, gets the gift of talking to animals from a shaman. On the other hand, she cannot tell anyone about it or her power will disappear…

An eco-friendly series before its time, The Delajungle Family raises children’s awareness of endangered species or even deforestation and is a “committed” series. However, it does not forget to be entertaining, and this interesting mix will also be a resounding success (9 seasons).

A film will even see the light of day, then a crossover film with another series, Les Rugrats (broadcast in France on Canal+ then France 3), and a TV film returning to the origins of Donnie, the wild child adapted by the Delajungle family.


Adapted from the famous French comics by René Goscinny and Jean Tabary from the 60s and 70s, Iznogoud is created by the Rainbow studio, to which we owe the Iron Man series of 94 or The Adventures of Sonic in 93. It respects the letter the plot of the comic strip, namely the formidable attempts of the vizier Iznogoud to get rid of the caliph Haroun El Poussah and thus become “caliph instead of the caliph”.

On the model of Beep-Beep and Coyote, each episode is dedicated to how Iznogoud constructs the best plans in the world and whose cogs will seize up through his own fault, that of his handyman Dilat Laraht or through unconsciousness. and the insolent luck of the caliph. And as for Bip-Bip and the Coyote, we never get tired of it!

Note that the voices are provided by big names like Gérard Hernandez (Iznogoud), Pierre Hatet (the caliph), Henri Guybet (Dilat Laraht) and Bernard Tiphaine for the other characters.

The Mask

New adaptation of a film with jim carrey in cartoon after Ace Ventura! This time it’s The Mask which becomes an animated series. The principle is the same as that of the film and tells the adventures of Stanley Ipkiss since he discovered a magic mask allowing him to give life to a character with a completely barred green skull.

The series allows the film universe to expand widely, since its antagonists disappear in favor of new villains including Septimus Pretorius, his mute servant Walter (very inspired by Frankenstein’s creature), but also the duo Flastoche and Poiskaille, doctor Amelia Chronos or Gorgonzola, the queen-gruyere, forgotten divinity of a distant civilization and changing everything into cheese.

The Mask, the animated series therefore pushes the fantastic sliders further by creating a world apart beyond the simple framework of the magic mask. To be reserved for fans of the main character, however, because he still takes up a lot of space. Love it or hate it !

Note that the series is a crossover with the Ace Ventura series mentioned above for its episodes 54 and 55.

Men In Black

A year after the release of Men In Black (1997) on French screens, M6 Kid is broadcasting an eponymous cartoon where we find agents J and K vaguely modeled on the Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones of the film. We also happily find their usual cinema voices: Claude Giraud (Jones) and Greg Germain (Smith).

However, this confuses the issue, since the series is supposed to be disconnected from feature films and yet it is the voices of the characters in the films that we hear. The series is in any case everything that is expected of a series Men In Black since the agents there fight sometimes very impressive aliens with great reinforcements of laser weapons.

The investigations are well put together and unlike many cartoons adapted from films, this series will continue for four seasons, ending a few months before the release of MIIB in cinemas.

The Mad World of Tex Avery

To be mad, this world was mad! The Mad World of Tex Avery is one of those curiosities that we still haven’t recovered from, deep inside us. Children already, one could wonder what strange brain could have given birth to this series with characters not at all aesthetic, living comic and sometimes surreal adventures.

There are many characters: Freddie the fly disrupting the life of a billionaire, Pile-poil the canine superhero, Einstone the caveman, Genghis and Kannie (a lion and a panda), Tex Avery the cowboy, Maurice and Moutch (a sort of Tweety and Sylvester with a turkey and a fox) and Phil Pompei (a survivor of Pompeii awakened in our time).

The episodes are quite uneven, but the most striking are those of Tex and Freddie, with gags which for some would not have shocked in a series intended for an older audience than that of children. The direct consequence is that for the children themselves, the series could sometimes be quite disconcerting.

Sacred Dragons

Passed a little more unnoticed because only broadcast between 1997 and 2000, Sacred Dragons is a parody of the Arthurian myth in which the heroes are dragons. The king is called Chalumeau, the queen Grilletout and the table of his knights is square. Just with these facts in mind, we know that we are in front of a successful parody.

And for good reason, because the series is co-signed by Terry Jones of Monty Python, who years after Sacred Grail returns to the history of the Round Table to make fun of it once again. The voice actors make an effort to respect a vaguely old language, all with a light tone perfect for children, but also the greatest.

To rediscover without moderation!

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