Luther on TF1: what do the actors in the original version look like?

Luther on TF1: what do the actors in the original version look like?

Since last Thursday, TF1 broadcasts the first season of “Luther”, a detective series adapted from an English format. On this occasion, discover what the actors of the original version look like …

On Thursday May 27 at 9:05 p.m., the broadcast of Luther, a detective series with Christopher Bayemi and Chloé Jouannet, adapted from the eponymous English fiction, began on TF1, which has been a real success both in Great Britain and internationally. This version made in France is also the third to see the light of day after Klim, its Russian equivalent and Less Than Evil, the Korean version.

Luther follows Theo Luther, group leader of the Paris Criminal Brigade, who, after tracking down a child killer for many months, suffered from depression. Today, reinstated in his unit, Theo is under surveillance.

To be fully rehabilitated, he will have to overcome both his intimate demons and the criminals. His first investigation leads him to Alice whom he suspects of the murder of his parents. Unable to prove his guilt, he enraged in front of this young woman who openly taunts him … From now on, Luther fights the worst assassins of Greater Paris under the gaze of a killer who seems to be – however – the only one to understand him.

On the occasion of the broadcast of episodes 3 and 4 this Thursday evening on TF1, discover a small comparison between the French version and the British version.

Idris Elba VS Christopher Bayemi

BBC 2015 / Thibault Grabehrr / StoriaTelevision / BBC Studios France / TF1

In Luther, Christopher Bayemi camp Théo Luther, member of the Criminal Brigade of Paris who will have to face his demons to solve investigations. In the original version, Idris Elba lends his features to this iconic character. A role that has also allowed the actor to win many awards, including the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a series.

Ruth Wilson VS Chloé Jouannet

BBC / Gilles Gustine / StoriaTelevision / BBC Studios France / TF1

To camp Alice, the enemy of Luther played in the UK version by Ruth Wilson (an actress seen in the series The Affair), TF1 appealed to the young Chloe Jouannet.

Warren Brown VS Léo Dussollier

BBC 2013 / Christine TAMALET / StoriaTelevision / BBC Studios France / TF1

The protege of Luther is embodied in the French version by Léo Dussollier who obtains here one of his first major roles. It is Warren Brown who plays his English counterpart.

Saskia Reeves VS Nadia Fares

Thibault Grabehrr / StoriaTelevision / BBC Studios France / TF1

Rose is Luther’s supervisor, who managed to get him reinstated after his depression. This character is played in the French version by Nadia Farès (La Promesse) and in the original version by Saskia Reeves.

Steven Mackintosh VS Sagamore Stévenin

Thibault Grabehrr / StoriaTelevision / BBC Studios France / TF1

Over the years, Ian (or Yann in the French version) and Luther have developed a strong friendship, which will be put to the test throughout the first season. Sagamore Stévenin plays the character in the TF1 version, while Steven Mackintosh is his English equivalent.

Indira Varma VS Barbara Cabrita

Christine TAMALET / StoriaTelevision / BBC Studios France / TF1

Zoé Luther is a lawyer specializing in humanitarian aid, who married the inspector when they were still only at university. It is Barbara Cabrita who has the heavy responsibility of taking over this role previously played by Indira Varma (For Life, Game of Thrones)

Paul McGann VS Aurélien Wiik

Thibault Grabehrr / StoriaTelevision / BBC Studios France / TF1

Aurélien Wiik lends his features to Marc, Zoe’s new companion. In the BBC’s version, it is Paul McGann who plays the lawyer who will try to offer Luther’s ex-wife a more “normal” life.

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