Lupine on Netflix: who is Hervé Pierre, the villain of the series?

In “Lupine” with Omar Sy, he plays Hubert Pelligrini. If a new generation is discovering it thanks to the Netflix series, Hervé Pierre has had a great career on the stage and in the cinema for nearly 50 years.

Lupine on netflix: who is hervé pierre, the villain of the series?

In the skin of the powerful and unsympathetic Hubert Pelligrini, Hervé Pierre embodies the antagonist of Lupine, a modern reinterpretation of Maurice Leblanc’s hero. Younger viewers may not know him, yet the actor is a great figure in the theater in France. Born in the town of Fins, in the Doubs, he grew up in a family environment passionate about boards. His parents, who had an amateur troupe, quickly pushed him to play. It was in 1963, at the age of 8, that he played his first role in the play. The Angel I was given directed by his father. “This is where I knew I was home“, he recalls in the podcast of France Blue.

Theater man

Trained for three years at the Higher School of Dramatic Art of the National Theater of Strasbourg (TNS), with his promotion he created the Théâtre du Troc in 1977. He played there until 1981. Subsequently, Hervé Pierre worked with many directors, such as Jean-Pierre Vincent, Jean-Luc Lagarce, Bernard Sobel, or even Jean-Louis Hourdin. He directs his first play, The sentence of swine, with Olivier Perrier in 1987.

Twenty years later, he entered the Comédie-Française when he was about to share the poster for Paul Claudel’s drama, Partage de midi, with Marina Hands. “It was the right moment to meet the history of this exemplary troupe which has survived many upheavals since its creation, knowing how to preserve the theatrical heritage and open up to contemporary texts.“, he specifies in the daily columns Eastern Republican. In January 2011, he was appointed Associate.

On the big screen

Even if he considers cinema as “one more“, Hervé Pierre has also interpreted numerous roles under the direction of prestigious directors, like Jean-Paul Rappeneau, Benoît Jacquot, and recently Roman Polanski, in the controversial I accuse. The actor also participates in several comedies like 100% cashmere by Valérie Lemercier or even Boys and Guillaume, to the table by Guillaume Gallienne, with a rather memorable medical visit scene.

At the same time, he also practices dubbing. He, for example, lent his voice to Gary Oldman‘s Winston Churchill in Dark Hours by Joe Wright, released in 2018. Hervé Pierre will be back in theaters in 2021 in Paul Verhoeven’s new film, Benedetta, alongside Virginie Efira. Highly anticipated, the feature film should be presented at the Cannes Film Festival – if sanitary conditions allow. In the meantime, he will be back, starting in the summer, in part 2 of Lupine, this time produced by Hugo Gélin and Ludovic Bernard.

Check out Omar Sy’s interview for “Lupine”:

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