Lupine on Netflix: was the burglary scene really filmed at the Louvre? – News Series on TV

Lupine on Netflix: was the burglary scene really filmed at the Louvre? – News Series on TV

Netflix has put the dishes in the big for its series Lupine with Omar Sy since the series offered itself the Louvre the time to shoot a scene from the first episode. Director Louis Leterrier tells us behind the scenes.

Warning this article contains spoilers on episode 1 of Lupine.

Jean-Luc Godard, Alexandre Sokourov, Ron Howard, Jay-Z and Beyoncé… and now Louis Leterrier. Few of the directors have been able to push the door of the Louvre to put their camera there. A prestigious place, some places of which are obviously kept secret. But it was without counting on the French filmmaker and the Netflix team who imagined in the series Lupine, a scene of burglary in the largest museum in France. In the first episode, Assane Diop (Omar Sy) sets up a ploy to steal the queen’s famous necklace, using disguises and subterfuge. Incredible scene that ends with the glide of a luxury car in the famous inverted pyramid …

Louis Leterrier, whom we had at our microphone, told us behind the scenes of this grandiose and extraordinary shoot: It was amazing. Diane, who was our advisor, gave us free rein to do just about anything we wanted. Well, I also asked for two / three little things that I was refused. Afterwards, there are corridors that I had to invent, but it really looks like the basement of the Louvre. We had access to it on closing days and at night. We found ourselves alone in the midst of these incredible works of art. The Louvre is an anthill. When the museum closes, there are people coming out from everywhere, to clean the paintings, to move them. “

If the Louvre hides small nuggets, the museum has some nice surprises in store for the team of the series: “I was wandering around for locations and I found myself on a gate that hides a staircase. There were plenty of them everywhere, all around the courtyard of the Louvre. Diane explained to me that if there is a problem, these gates open and people can evacuate. We had never seen that! We were able to film the Louvre in a different way. We had a blast, especially for the stage with the Ferrari. The point was not to throw them millions and tell them “come on, buy you the inverted pyramid”. It was kindness. They understood that the international influence of this character, this series and Netflix could dust the image of the Louvre.

And the series shouldn’t stop there. The writer of the series, George Kay, told us that other prestigious places in the capital will appear in the sequel (part 2 is already planned but no date has been announced for the moment).

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