Lupine on Netflix: does Arsène Lupine’s party in Étretat really exist? – News Series on TV

Lupine on Netflix: does Arsène Lupine’s party in Étretat really exist? – News Series on TV

“Lupine”, available on Netflix, reinvents the cult character of Maurice Leblanc. In the 5th episode, three of the protagonists go to Étretat to celebrate Arsène Lupine’s feast. Fictitious or real event?

With Lupine, British screenwriter George Kay brings thework by Maurice Leblanc. Far from the very dandy image of the gentleman-burglar, this new adaptation features a contemporary hero ready to do anything to restore his father’s honor. In the fifth and last episode of the first part, Assane Diop (Omar Sy), Claire, his ex-wife (Ludivine Sagnier) and their son (Etan Simon) go to Étretat, in Normandy, to celebrate the feast of Arsène Lupine. If this event is purely fictitious, the municipality plays an important role in the life of the author and the legacy of his cult figure.

Located in the city center, Maurice Leblanc’s former secondary house, called Le Clos Lupine, has been, since 1999, a museum entirely devoted to his character from a novel. Divided into eight stages, the house contains his writings, many personal items and photos that retrace his career. A key attraction in the city of Etretat, Le Clos Lupine is also presented as “the most visited writer’s house in France“according to its director Maryse Alix, attracting thousands of curious people every year.

In the hope of perpetuating the spirit and talent of her grandfather, Florence Leblanc created, in 2006, the Arsène Lupine Prize, which rewards the best works of detective literature. The ceremony takes place in the house of Maurice Leblanc and offers the winner the sum of 1,000 euros.

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