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It is no longer known if Rubiales’ words are worse than gestures. The fanfare of the federation president was an attack that surprised both those who reluctantly put up with his outdated speech while waiting for him to announce his resignation and those who expected an explanation for his obscene behavior in Sydney. The audience was stunned and offside after the defendant became a martyr with the complicity of the RFEF assembly. Up to five times he repeated that he was not leaving and therefore there will be no choice but to be removed because his continuity no longer makes sense to anyone, not even to his own, defeated in victory, after the Spanish team was proclaimed World Cup champion. female 2023.

Rubiales has lost and the soccer players have won, those who played in Australia, champions since Sunday, and those who renounced the Cup, also victorious after the plenary session this morning in Madrid. The resignation of the 15 internationals was justified without the need for them to open their mouths after the Rubiales coup. Now, once you know how the president thinks, acts and commands, you understand the pulse and also the decision of those who prefer to fight the horror to pursue success in the World Cup. It has certainly been the opportunity of his life, that of a unique generation of players who aspire to sporting and social victory, to an equality that can be defended from affirmation and also from denial, as happened with the president of the RFEF.

Today it is men and masculinized football that have a serious problem after the submission expressed by the federation directors and the silence of the majority of the presidents of the League clubs. The collective reply should be so loud and convincing that Jenni Hermoso did not even have to respond to Rubiales’ affront. The president’s attitude towards the player, especially because of the way he explained the peak scene, was disgusting in the same way that it was reprehensible that he used his daughters, alienated by what he considers “a five-year hunt” and a ” execution of a social murder”, words of Rubiales. He never had a sense of representation and appropriated the victory from a pointless exhibitionism in 2023.

The figure of the president, today revengeful and forgiving, far from generosity, has regressed instead of evolving as demanded by the new times in which a different way of directing and leading is imposed, more collegiate and less individualistic, or if you want modern , willing to dialogue against authoritarianism, nothing to do with the procedure and curriculum of Rubiales. The president’s words, applauded by the coach Jorge Vilda, as if sometimes they were the same person, were so unbearable that a voluntary or decreed silence was imposed, ending with a comic opera that some did not discover -even they paid it – until it was denounced by the world press gathered in Australia.

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