Lucky Luke on NRJ 12: which star of the song could have played the enemy of Jean Dujardin?

“Lucky Luke”, adaptation of the cult comic with Jean Dujardin, is broadcast on NRJ12. Do you know that Eddy Mitchell could have played the villain? Explanations.

Third feature film live starring the man who shoots faster than his shadow, after the version of Terence Hill and Les Dalton, Lucky Luke was released in 2009. Directed by James Huth (Brice de Nice) and led by Jean Dujardin, the film sees the famous cowboy cross paths with several characters, like Billy The Kid, Calamity Jane, Pat Poker, Jesse James and Belle …

Originally Lucky Luke was to be an on-screen transposition of the album “Lucky Luke vs. Joss Jamon” with … Eddy Mitchell as the villain! But, for planning reasons, the famous actor-singer cannot join the adventure. His character, the leader of a group of thugs named Joss Jamon, is then simply removed from the scenario.

“I had to refuse a role of villain in the film alongside Jean Dujardin because at that time, I was playing in Limoges … To say that I could have been filming in Argentina”, Eddy Mitchell explained to the Parisian.

From the bubble to the screen …

But that’s not all: in 2007, Mathilde Seigner was approached by Jean Dujardin (the two actors had turned together in Weddings!) To play Calamity Jane, famous adventurer of the American West and formidable adversary of the hero. In the end, things don’t materialize for the actress and Sylvie Testud gets the role.

When it was released, Lucky Luke achieved almost 1.9 million admissions in France. A correct score although clearly below that of Brice de Nice, the first collaboration between the director James Huth and Jean Dujardin (the comedy about the irresistible surfer with the unequaled verbal repartee had made almost 4.5 million d ‘entries in 2005).

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