Luck on AppleTV+: a first animated film full of optimism from the Top Gun studio…

The American studio Skydance (“Top Gun Maverick”) unveils its very first animated film “Luck”, to be discovered exclusively on AppleTV+. Meeting with director Peggy Holmes and screenwriter Kiel Murray!

After the box Top Gun Maverick at the box office, the American studio unveils this Friday, August 5 Luck, its very first animated production. This story of a young orphan suffering from chronic bad luck and who discovers an imaginary country following her encounter with the super-lucky black cat, is directed by Peggy Holmes.

A few weeks after the presentation of the first images of the film during the Annecy Festival, we were able to meet the filmmaker and her screenwriter for Kiel Murray!

How did the idea for this film come about?

Kiel Murray (the screenwriter of the film): When I arrived on the project there was already the idea of ​​an imaginary country where luck comes from. But I rewrote the script to refocus the story around the theme of love. Also, we tried to make the land of misfortune more fun than it was in the previous version.

Peggy, why did you choose this film as the subject of your first animated feature?

Peggy Holmes (the director): I found so much love and magic there that I couldn’t say no. It was not an easy film to make, especially since we produced it in the midst of a pandemic and being far from each other. I have lost count of the number of endless meetings and discussions via Zoom. For me, family is the most important thing in life and this is the main message of “Luck” for me.

Do you consider yourself lucky?

Kiel Murray: Not a day goes by that I don’t have bad luck! Especially right now during the promo for this movie. Recently I had lots of delays with my plane flights, especially when returning from the Annecy festival! But I’m also very lucky, and in particular to have been able to go to France and meet many people.

Luck on appletv+: a first animated film full of optimism from the top gun studio...

What is your personal definition of luck?

Kiel Murray: If you have love in your life, then you have the best chance in the world by your side, because there is nothing else that matters. And this, despite all the bad luck that could stand in your way. I think being lucky is something unpredictable. All you can do in life is stay focused on your dreams and work hard to make them happen.

Peggy Holmes: This film approaches the notion of luck in an original way. The film demonstrates that we don’t decide our luck or our bad luck but that we can always change the course of things. You never know what tomorrow will bring and if we will be lucky…or not. In any case, I hope the public will understand that one should never give up on one’s dreams in life and that as long as there is love there is life!

Do you have a lucky charm?

Kiel Murray: Without hesitation: my children and my dog. My dog ​​is even more human than humans and I have long conversations with him (laughs)!

Peggy Holmes: No, I don’t. But part of our company is based in Madrid, Spain. One day on my way to work, I found a penny on the way. I took that for luck. By the way, in the USA we have a proverb: “Find a penny, pick it up and all day you’ll be lucky. Give it to a friend and you will be lucky for life”. I love this beautiful philosophy of life.

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