Lucifer season 5 on Netflix: why the showrunner lied about the return of this character

Lucifer season 5 on Netflix: why the showrunner lied about the return of this character

Chaïma Tounsi-Chaïbdraa

Chaïma Tounsi-Chaïbdraa

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She had been impatiently awaiting the arrival of Netflix and had signed up within the hour to devour the first season of Daredevil. Since then, she closely follows what comes out every week on the platform to have binge-watching evenings and advise you on the best streaming outputs.

It was not the surprise of the fans to see Lucifer’s mother appear in season 5B even though she was not supposed to be back in the series. One of the two showrunners wanted to explain himself.

On May 28, Lucifer made his comeback on Netflix with a season 5B that is both musical, touching and dramatic. A new salvo of episodes full of tears and surprises like the return of the wife of God in episode 14, orchestrated by the god of the underworld himself.

As a reminder, Lucifer’s mother (Tom Ellis) had asked to be able to create her own universe with the help of her son who used the Burning Sword, but managed to escape. It is therefore in the form of Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) that the Goddess made her appearance, with the idea of ​​convincing God (Dennis Haysbert) to join her. What the latter accepts, knowing that he will not be able to return to Earth to see his children again.

In an interview given to TVLine, Joe Henderson touched on a few words about the comeback and why it kept the suspense: “God’s story revolves primarily around his relationship with Lucifer – but also with the Mother. I lied in several interviews that she wouldn’t be back, that it would be God-centered because I wanted no one to know about it. So that they are surprised“.


Tricia Helfer made a surprise comeback in Season 5 Part B of Lucifer.

She was frustrated with him, and it was important for us to explain that his feelings were legitimate”, He continues. “She was his own heroine in season 2 and God understood that maybe he should spend some time in her universe after she stayed in his. Allow his wife to show him all the things he needs to do. learning is kind of revenge on season 2. But it also shows how much he’s changed this season. It was important for us and for Tricia Helfer“.

This surprise return will have offered fans a particularly touching scene, which marks a turning point in the series concerning the replacement of God …

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