Lucifer season 5: behind the scenes of the sex scene between Lucifer and Chloe

Lucifer season 5: Writer and producer Mike Costa returned behind the scenes of the sex scene between the Lord of the Underworld and Chloe in season 5 of Lucifer.

While the second part of Lucifer season 5 is expected to arrive on Netflix soon, a sequence of the first part, much awaited by the fans, has been commented on by the writer and producer Mike Costa. THE scene that has made aficionados talk so much is the physical rapprochement between the Lord of the Underworld (Tom Ellis) and Chloe Decker (Lauren German). At the end of episode 6 of season 5, the two lovebirds finally take action and sleep together, a moment that the fans, who shipp the couple under the name “Deckerstar,” no longer hoped.

A much-discussed and choreographed scene

According to Mike Costa, this streak was “one of the scenes which generated the most debate.” The screenwriter and producer explained to Assignment X that the teams had to choose how to make this sexy sequence fairly self-explanatory while making the actors feel comfortable and approached it like a stunt with a choreography:

“These very physical love sequences are not that different from action scenes with complicated stunts since the actors interact with each other physically. We wanted to make sure that the actors were as safe as possible and comfortable”. Left Nothing to chance, and accompanied the actors throughout the filming of the sequence in this episode, directed by Richard Speight Jr., a very good friend of Tom Ellis.

Lucifer season 5: behind the scenes of the sex scene between lucifer and chloeJohn P. Fleenor / Netflix

For Mike Costa, “it’s the best thing to do for this kind of scene,” protect the actors and guide them with landmarks, precise choreography, and a well-placed camera. More and more series productions now call on intimacy coordinators, specialists who make sure that the actors feel comfortable shooting these types of scenes and discussing them freely with the teams.

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The writer and producer recalled that Lucifer’s team is a very tight-knit group, and they don’t want “people feel pressured to do things that make them uncomfortable.” This very healthy initiative also makes it possible to make this kind of scene more fluid and realistic on the screen. Fans were thrilled to finally see Lucifer and Chloe making a connection and are eagerly awaiting the rest of the series, which should arrive on Netflix soon.

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