Lucifer on Netflix: this character who died in season 5 will be back in season 6!  - News Series on TV

Lucifer on Netflix: this character who died in season 5 will be back in season 6! – News Series on TV

Lucifer’s gang lost one of their own in the second part of season 5 of the series, available on Netflix. The team returned to this shocking event and the interpreter of the disappeared teased his return in season 6. Warning, spoilers.

Be careful, spoilers. It is advisable to have seen the second part of Lucifer season 5, available on Netflix, before continuing to read this article.

The second part of Lucifer season 5 was the scene of a tragedy that deeply marked the Lord of the Underworld gang. Michael’s Machiavellian plans to become God got the better of Dan (Kevin Alejandro). While the inspector was investigating a case, he was killed by thugs linked to Michael.

His disappearance moves the whole gang, even Lucifer (Tom Ellis), especially when Amenadiel (DB Woodside) tells him that he is not in Heaven but in Hell. The Lord of the Underworld, who sees this as an injustice, will redouble his efforts to fight Michael and take the place of God.

Necessary death

Co-showrunner Joe Henderson explained to CBR that Dan’s death was necessary: “First, we wanted Chloe to feel guilty, and realize that by walking away, a person had to fill that void and take her place. Then we wanted Lucifer to feel anger and pain.”

Dan’s death therefore makes it possible to significantly impact Lucifer’s convictions and lead him to other emotions: “We wanted him to feel lost and understand that the rules are not good, that things are not working”.

John P. Fleenor / Netflix

There is some injustice in Dan going to hell, as Joe Henderson explains: “If someone like Dan Espinosa goes to hell, it’s because the world is broken. And this event makes Lucifer realize that maybe he can make a difference, in ‘Ok, if I am God’ mode. , how can I change that? ‘ It was very important to us in our writing “.

A feeling shared by Tom Ellis, who told AdoroCinema, that this moment was very strong for the series: “I don’t want to spoil too much but this death brought some seriousness that the series needed. This moment was extremely sad when we shot it and already way before when we read it in the script. Each character is essential in the series “.

A return confirmed in season 6?

For his part, Kevin Alejandro told AND Online that his death was “a very good choice from the writers and a very strong storytelling” : “I’m very happy with the team’s decisions because it serves the story and the narrative arc of the character. You get to understand the character even more and take it off before it has fully evolved.” His death, very shocking, indeed brings emotion and tragedy.

And even though Dan passed away in the second part of season 5, Kevin Alejandro has confirmed that he will be present in season 6! The actor confided that “this was definitely not Dan’s last appearance” in the second part of season 5.

John P. Fleenor / Netflix

He gave some food for thought on his return in season 6 by evoking “possible flashbacks” or “certain decisions”. In any case, the actor confirms that he was on the set of season 6, whose filming is now over, and that his character will return, “but not in the way the public imagines it”.

One could imagine that Lucifer would visit Dan in Hell and try to help him get to Heaven as he unknowingly did for Lee Garner (Jeremiah Birkett), aka “Mister Said Out Bitch”, a criminal he has often encountered, especially in hell, and who helped him in heaven to find Chloe (Lauren German) in the finale of season 5.

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