Lucie Aubrac on Chérie 25: why was Juliette Binoche fired from filming? – Cine News

Lucie Aubrac on Chérie 25: why was Juliette Binoche fired from filming? – Cine News

Tonight was broadcast on Chérie 25 the biopic Lucie Aubrac, directed by Claude Berri and worn by Carole Bouquet and Daniel Auteuil. But did you know that the title role was originally held by Juliette Binoche?

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Released in 1997, Lucie Aubrac traces the life of the famous French resistance fighter and talks about her organization of the commando operation which made it possible to escape her husband, a prisoner of the Germans. Carried by Carole Bouquet, the title role was originally held by Juliette Binoche. Only, three months after the first part of the shooting, the actress was dismissed from production and replaced.

In question, an artistic dispute with the director, Claude Berri. In any case, this is what is written Release at the time: “Juliette Binoche saw herself as the heroine of the Resistance, Claude Berri wanted to tell a love story against the backdrop of the Resistance.“A year later, the actress confirmed : “I knew Lucie Aubrac and for me it was imperative that the truth be returned to her. However I did not feel in phase with the subjective character seen by Claude Berri. Didn’t that bother him? Today, I thank these trials, they made me humble.

This memory, Juliette Binoche retains a bitter taste, evidenced by her interview given to the Parisian in August 2014 in which she says: “[En 1997] Claude Berri had just fired me from Lucie Aubrac. It wasn’t so much the fact that he changed his mind that it hurt me the way it was done.“In 2016, she declared to Paris Match : “I experienced the shooting of “Lucie Aubrac” as a deep betrayal, because no one on the team, apart from the dresser and the hairdresser, had warned me that I was going to be fired. It’s true that there were twenty people who suffered the same fate as I did during filming, but I felt like I was going through a war with his resistance fighters and his collaborators …“Only a few months after being fired, the actress received the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for The English Patient.”Like everything can change overnight“.

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