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Available on Disney + Star, season 2 of “Love, Victor” takes a more mature path and continues to approach with delicacy and sincerity the difficulties of a young homosexual character.

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Victor Salazar, the new student at Creekwook high school who recently came out, must brave new journeys combining discovery and assertiveness. This is how he has to face a family that has difficulty in accepting his revelation; to Mia, his heartbroken ex-girlfriend; struggles with being an openly gay athlete but at the same time navigating the excitement of his new relationship with Benji.

Love, Victor, a series created by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger.

Available on Disney + Star, one episode per week


In the last seconds of the first season, Victor (Michael Cimino) revealed his sexual orientation to his family while his parents had just announced their separation. The series ended with a moment of hesitation, followed by the end credits which deprived viewers of experiencing the long-awaited reactions of the Salazars.

Season 2 begins where the story left off, at a pivotal moment in the young hero’s journey. After 10 endearing episodes, offering an intelligent and tender spin-off to the film with Nick Robinson, this sequel is a beautiful continuity that skilfully continues the evolution of its character gallery with, as a bonus, a more mature tone than in season 1 .

Love, Victor was already tackling the dark sides of the quest for identity, but this time the main hero is confronted with the complex reaction of his mother, Isabel, who struggles to mask her embarrassment and incomprehension. Overwhelming in her role, actress Ana Ortiz embodies with real sensitivity the nuanced portrait of a woman torn between homophobia and the love she has for her son.

Hulu / Disney + Star

Ana Ortiz in “Love, Victor”.

Always in its desire to capture a more mature tone, the series amazes, especially when it addresses Victor’s sex life through the fourth episode, titled, in its original version, The Sex Cabin. A welcome proposal for the program which, until now, cultivated a fairly smooth and Hollywood image, formatted so as not to rush the parent company, Disney.

If season 2 sometimes seems to repeat itself, it gains in interest with the arrival of new interesting protagonists, like Rahim, played by Anthony Keyvan, who gets closer, over the episodes, to Victor and jeopardizes his relationship with Benji ( George Sear). Always so touching, fair and necessary, the series offers a season 2 a little more spicy than the previous one and confirms its effectiveness, just like the pleasure of its audience, which already asks for more.

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