Love is better for two on France 2: did you know that one of the actresses was almost Miss France? – Cinema News

Love is better for two on France 2: did you know that one of the actresses was almost Miss France?  – Cinema News

On the occasion of the broadcast on France 2 of Love is better for two, return to the casting of Sophie Vouzelaud, finalist of the Miss France contest.

In Love is Better for Two, Hélène, the sister of Virginie Efira’s character, is presented, for a short time, as deaf and mute. A characteristic that she shares with her interpreter, Sophie Vouzelaud, spotted by Dominique Farrugia three years earlier during her participation in the Miss France contest.

The young woman had indeed made a passage noticed during the beauty show in 2006. Second deaf candidate in history to run for the final of the election, she encountered a live translation problem, the ‘leading to express themselves, in an improvised way, orally. Elected First Dauphine, she nevertheless returned, in a interview posted online in 2019, on this painful experience during which she suffered discrimination from other candidates and the production of the show.


Sophie Vouzelaud and Rachel Legrain-Trapani during the 2006 Miss France election.

Given his involvement in the integration of the disabled, the director obviously wanted this character not to be played by an actress claiming to be deaf and mute: “So we tested a lot of girls“he says in the press kit of the film.”And then I remembered the passage of Sophie in the Miss France contest. I had found it extremely touching. So I invited her to do some testing and she turned out to be the best. And what I find great about this story is that she dreamed of being an actress but thought that because of her disability, she never would be. But she has a lot of assets for that and I think the film shows it. Anyway, she made her dream come true“, he recalls.

On the strength of this first attempt, she reiterates the experience in 2017 within the cast of the comedy Long live the crisis! Involved in the visibility of the deaf and dumb, and more broadly the disabled, it multiplies its interventions with associations and the general public. Viewers were able to see her wiggle alongside Maxime Dereymez in the Dance with the Stars program in which she participated in 2015.

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