Love, glory and beauty in advance: the summary of the episodes from Monday February 13 to Friday February 17, 2023 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV


Next week in “Love, Glory and Beauty”… Deacon tries to advise Ridge, Brooke tells Taylor that she will fight to get her husband back, Thomas unmasks Sheila and Paris and Carter never leave each other.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain revelations about the episodes ofLove glory and beauty broadcast during the week of Monday February 13 to Friday February 17 on TF1! If you don’t want to know, stop reading now!

Hope sollicite Deacon

After the tensions that erupted between Deacon and Ridge because of Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang, who confided in AlloCiné), Hope decides to go talk to her father to try to fix the situation. She asks Deacon to be 100% honest with Ridge so maybe he can save his marriage to Brooke. After this discussion, the young woman wonders: was encouraging Deacon to go see his rival a good idea?

Deacon (Sean Kanan, who answered our questions) complies. Bluntly, he advises Ridge to stop whining in Taylor’s skirts. Instead, he recommends that she go see Brooke to give their union a chance. Ridge cannot bring himself to listen to him and provokes him. At the end, Deacon lets go that Brooke and Ridge’s divorce is without the best that could happen to them!

Brooke opposes Taylor

Deacon will then beg Brooke to forget Ridge and not fall back into the eternal same patterns with the latter and Taylor. He makes a declaration of love to her by asking her to get into a relationship with him! Unwavering, she simply replies that her heart belongs and will always belong to Ridge…

Brooke goes to Taylor’s house and tells her that she intends to fight to get Ridge back. Once alone, however, she doubts… What if Brooke leaves him to Taylor for good? At the same time, Thomas has a strange conversation with Sheila. The words of this one challenge the young man…

Thomas unmasks Sheila

Thomas finally realizes that Sheila put alcohol in Brooke’s drink on New Year’s Eve! Thus, he realizes that it is because of her that his stepmother and Deacon exchanged an unfortunate kiss… Finally, Carter and Paris no longer leave each other and do not hold back to satisfy their desire. They make love…

To be continued in Love, glory and beauty…

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