Love, Death + Robots on Netflix: Arnold Schwarzenegger could have played in season 2

Love, Death + Robots on Netflix: Arnold Schwarzenegger could have played in season 2

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Famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger almost appeared in volume 2 of the animated anthology series Love, Death + Robots on Netflix to reprise one of his famous roles.

Love volume 2, Death + Robots, available on Netflix, featured several well-known actors in the eight new animated shorts on offer such as Michael B. Jordan, Zita Hanrot or Elodie Yung. But another big screen star almost appeared in season 2 of the animated anthology series.

During a stream for Reddit Live, co-creator Tim Miller and director Jennifer Yuh Nelson, who oversees season 2 of the series, revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger had contacted and urged the team to participate in Love, Death + Robots.

Tim Miller explained: “In Hollywood, people really like the show. And Arnold advertised to me almost every day to be part of it.”. The duo at one time considered acceding to the actor’s request, especially since they had sketched an episode starring Conan the Barbarian.


Arnold Schwarzengger could have reprized this role, which he held in the 1982 John Milius film, in what should have been an adaptation of the novel. The Red Nails by Robert E. Howard. But the episode was ultimately dropped due to copyright issues, as Tim Miller noted:

“It had to be a short on Conan. I wanted to do it but we didn’t get the rights. [Il aurait dû être basé sur] The Red Nails and starring Valeria, the pirate queen, but also a lost city, it was a mess. There were also dinosaurs in it. But we couldn’t do it “.

No return of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan in volume 2 of Love, Death + Robots therefore. But the actor may have managed to find a place in season 3 of the animated anthology series, already slated for 2022 on Netflix, or a potential season 4.

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