Love Actually on M6: do you know the sequel released 14 years later?

14 years after Love Actually, the (almost) entire cast gathered for a (short) sequel to the film. On the occasion of the broadcast of the feature film on M6 this evening, we tell you all about this unexpected sequel!

What happened to the heroes of Love Actually? If you watch the cult romantic comedy again on M6 tonight, this question may have crossed your mind! However, did you know that a sequel was born almost 15 years after the first film, but in an unexpected format? Rather than opting for a traditional sequel to the cinema, the almost complete cast found itself in effect for the time of a short film for charity, for Red Nose Day.

Andrew Lincoln, Keira Knightley, Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy, Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Grant are there. Only Emma Thompson does not appear in the credits of this reunion, due to the death of Alan Rickman, with whom she was a couple in the original story. The film, lasting 15 minutes, takes stock of the journey of each of the protagonists. Good humor, upset love and small dance steps for Hugh Grant … Everything is there to delight fans of the film! We do not tell you more to leave you surprised! To discover preferably after the screening of the film this evening!

Is it still necessary to present the romantic comedy Love Actually? Directed by Richard Curtis, this choral film has crossed the years and marked many (TV) viewers and (TV) viewers. Mixed stories, with a whole gallery of endearing characters, from the world of politics, the world of books, etc. On Christmas Eve in London, these lives and these loves will cross, brush against and confront …..

Love Actually, released on December 3, 2003, brought together nearly 970,000 spectators in France. It is the greatest success of this director in France, to whom we also owe Good Morning England, among others.

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