Loup-Denis Elion: "Matthieu is going to disrupt Clem's sentimental life" - News Séries

Loup-Denis Elion: “Matthieu is going to disrupt Clem’s sentimental life” – News Séries

Loup-Denis Elion (Scenes of households) joins the cast of “Clem” on the occasion of season 11 which begins this evening on TF1. He tells us more about his character, Matthieu Colina, a lawyer who will seduce Clem, and his meeting with Lucie Lucas.

Back to basics for Clem tonight on TF1 with the launch of season 11, which finds the original DNA of the series, between emotion and comedy, and has some nice surprises in store for fans. Including a big nod to the very first season, which allows to come full circle and revitalize the intrigues.

But this new season inevitably eagerly awaited by the faithful of Clem is also marked by the arrival of Loup-Denis Elion (Scenes of households) in the role of Matthieu Colina. A tenor of the bar, specializing in the rights of fathers, who will cross the road of the heroine camped by Lucie Lucas on a divorce case. And who will start by strongly annoying her, before potentially charming her.

Met on the set of these new episodes a few months ago, Loup-Denis Elion tells us more about his character and his meeting with Lucie Lucas.

AlloCiné: What did you like about the character of Matthieu when TF1 offered him to you?

Loup-Denis Elion : What I really liked about the character of Matthieu, who is known to be a formidable lawyer, is that I felt that he was going to have a very great freedom of movement, of composition. He’s a bit of a mad-mad character, classy, ​​who goes where people don’t go. Or no longer go. He allows himself a lot of things. I immediately saw that this character had a lot of potential.

Did you know the series well before joining the cast for season 11?

Quite frankly, no. I wasn’t looking at Clem. But it’s more because I don’t have a TV, than for taste (laughs). So I watched a few episodes to get into it. But I intentionally did not watch everything. I hesitated a lot actually. Because obviously I wanted to know the tone of the series, the artistic direction. But I did not want to look at everything so that the character arrives new in his relation to the other characters. It seemed important to me.

Christophe Lartige / Merlin Productions / TF1

What can you say about what awaits Matthew in these new episodes and about his relationship with Clem?

Matthieu will come to disrupt the professional world of Clem, with his eloquence, his class, his delirium. And he will also come to disturb her in her daily life.

So we can expect a love story between Clem and Matthew?

Matthieu is going to seduce Clem, that’s for sure. I don’t know if he’s going to capsize her. But in any case, yes, he will come to disrupt his professional world and his sentimental life very strongly.

But what interested me also, beyond this possible romance, is that Matthew has a real depth that we will discover little by little. He has a good reason for coming to Cheynouville. He seeks to find his daughter whom he did not raise. He made choices that he later regretted. And this side, this more paternal aspect of his personality, with the discovery of this child, interested me a lot as an actor.

The main plot of season 11 revolves around Clara’s pregnancy and the upcoming birth of Valentine’s child (Thomas Chomel). Will Matthieu also be involved in this story which will mobilize the entire Boissier tribe?

Yes of course. As Matthieu will be a little lost between his daughter and his relationship with Clem, he will do everything to help Clem and his relatives. As a lawyer and as a “part” of the family.

Was your integration into the large Clem family easy?

Yes, it was very easy to integrate. I was very pleasantly surprised. Because sometimes, on sets, it is not easy when you arrive in something very installed. And there, on Clem, very sincerely, I was amazed by the atmosphere that reigns on the set between the actors. There is something very family-friendly, even with the technical teams, the directors, the production. Everyone made me feel very welcome.

Christophe Lartige / Merlin Productions / TF1

Did you know each other, Lucie Lucas and you, before turning together in this season 11?

We didn’t know each other at all with Lucie Lucas. And it was a real, beautiful meeting. She is an admirable and formidable woman, as much on screen as in life, in relation to all the commitments she can defend. She is a fighter. I am very impressed, and honored, to have met someone like her.

Are you ready to continue the adventure if a season 12 sees the light of day?

I hope that the public will adhere to the character of Matthew and what I am going to offer them. But on my side it would be with great pleasure.

And alongside Clem, do you have other projects you can talk about?

I’m turning more to writing at the moment. I am preparing a short film and I am also developing a feature film.

Last year, France 2 viewers saw you in the Reunions series, alongside Laetitia Milot. The channel has never really commented on the future of the series. Do you know if a season 2 is still possible?

No, I don’t think there will be a Season 2 of Reunions.

Interview in January 2021 on the set of season 11 of Clem.

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