LOTI Heroes Is Back for 2020 | Lifestyle

LOTI Heroes Is Back for 2020 | Lifestyle

2020 turned out to be a f ** ker of a year for obvious reasons … who would have thought that we would be spending the majority of the year in our homes, spending weeks without seeing our loved ones except on Zoom, and that the highlight of our week would be the weekly NHS clap. But it’s not just sadness and gloom, there have been some amazing things to come from 2020 as well.

Last year, we launched LOTI Heroes, where we focus on individuals, brands and businesses doing amazing things that have a positive impact, be it on the environment, food waste, fast fashion, sanity, roaming and more.

We had the likes of Doug McMaster with his zero waste restaurant Silo; Zanna Van Dijk and Natalie Glaze of Stay Wild are helping fight the plastics plague in our oceans with their eco-friendly swimwear; Tom Fletcher transforms fruit and vegetables destined for the bin into juice with his company Rejuce; Julius Ibrahim is tackling homelessness one espresso at a time with his Second Shot coffee and many other truly amazing and inspiring people.

This year, we’re highlighting more of the stories that need to be told by the people, brands and companies working hard to make a difference. We already have an EPIC roster but would love your help in identifying even more LOTI heroes. They could be a champion of the BLM movement, do smart things with food waste, fight to help the environment, break down barriers on body positivity and mental health, or work to end homelessness. As long as they’re in London or having a positive impact on the city and its people, we want to hear about them. Let us know who deserves to be shouted out using the form below.

Stay tuned for more on LOTI Heroes 2020

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