Lost: what are the indisputable rules of the island?

Have you seen “Lost” without ever really understanding how the island on which the heroes of the series land? This article is made for you !

Lost: what are the indisputable rules of the island?

SPOILERS – Attention, the article below reveals a large part of the secrets of the “Lost” series. If you don’t want to know them, please don’t read the following …

1 – The island heals

This is essential information that the viewer obtains from the fourth episode of season 1 of Lost: the island has powers since John Locke, paralyzed and in a wheelchair before the crash of Oceanic flight 815, regains the use of his legs when woken up on the beach.

In episode 19 of season 2, it is Rose who reveals that before arriving on the island, she was suffering from an incurable cancer, reason which will push her to want to stay there rather than return to the world. outside.

Conversely, Ben, the leader of the Others, discovers with amazement that he has spinal cancer even though we do not get sick on the island (S03E05). The origin of this tumor is not explained by the series and thus, left to the interpretation of the spectator.

Lost: what are the indisputable rules of the island?


John Locke regains the use of his legs

2 – It is strewn with pockets of electromagnetism

The island contains several pockets of electromagnetic energy which are reachable in the depths of the island via wells or secret passages. If this energy is approached too closely, it triggers cataclysms on the population present on the island, giving rise to diseases that are otherwise not present on the island.

On a daily basis, the presence of this powerful electromagnetism disturbs attempts to approach the island, whether by sea or by air.

3 – She protects the world

The series tells us that the island acts like the cork of a bottle, retaining what it contains. The heart of the island is a source bathed in light, which prevents the forces of evil from invading the world. The protector of this source is Jacob.

As a result of an argument, Jacob threw his brother into this source of light, and the latter emerged as a creature that we will call “the monster” in this article. The monster wants at all costs to reach the outside world and for that, must kill Jacob and thus, blow up the “plug” which prevents him from leaving the island.

Lost: what are the indisputable rules of the island?


The metaphor of the stopper, by Jacob

Jacob decides who is worthy of reaching the source or not, it does not appear to those who would hear of it and seek to find it. After centuries of protecting the island and its source, Jacob is well on his way to finding a successor among the passengers of Flight 815.

4 – The monster is not all powerful there

These potential successors are called Candidates. Affected by Jacob’s magic, they cannot be assassinated by the monster. Likewise, the monster cannot directly kill Jacob. On the other hand, he can manipulate the Candidates or the other inhabitants of the island into killing each other or killing Jacob for him.

The monster can be embodied in people who died on or around the island or those who arrived dead on the island. This is how we see him embodied in Jack’s father, in Michael, in Mr. Eko’s brother, in Alex the adopted daughter of Ben or in John Locke.

Lost: what are the indisputable rules of the island?


The monster cannot reach Juliet thanks to the barrier

Finally, the monster is sensitive to magnetic fields and to a powder used by Jacob’s agents. He cannot cross either of these two barriers.

5 – The island can move

In episode 6 of season 5, it is said that the island is constantly moving, at random and can only be reached by anticipating where it is going to be in the future. However, it can also be moved by force, by turning a wheel located in one of the electromagnetic pockets of the island.

From then on, the island moves suddenly, and teleports the spinner of the wheel into the Tunisian desert. Why this desert and not another? The mystery will remain unsolved.

In the same way, we explain to the spectator that once left, it is impossible to return to the island. However, there are exceptions: Ben will return accompanied by the Candidates (S05E09) and Charles Widmore because Jacob asked him to return (according to his words in episode 16 of season 6).

Lost: what are the indisputable rules of the island?


Ben spins the wheel

6 – She has an “army”

They are called the “Natives” or the “Others”, sometimes the “Hostiles”. These are Jacob’s followers, who adhere to the rules he made to protect the island. They are led by a leader (who has varied over time) and / or by Richard Alpert (made immortal by Jacob). Usually, Jacob passes his orders to Alpert, who passes them on to the chief of the day.

The Others have camps in various locations on the island over time and occupy an ancient temple with miraculous water that can heal wounds or purify lifeless bodies so that the monster cannot possess them.

Lost: what are the indisputable rules of the island?


The temple, refuge of “Others”

These Others, who are committed to protecting the island, are in principle hostile to new arrivals but often try to talk to them before the situation escalates. However, their cohabitation with visitors to the island often ends in armed or more insidious conflict in which they emerge victorious.

Few of them will survive at the end of the series, but they can still count on Richard Alpert, who will now age normally, as evidenced by the white hair that is starting to appear on his scalp. Their leaders will be Hugo (who takes Jacob’s place) and Ben (who takes Alpert’s place). The island can continue to contain evil.

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