Lost: the craziest intros of the series – news series

Discover five intro episodes of “Lost” that twisted our brains and forever marked our memories of series fans. Attention, all subjective selection and spoilers!

Lost: the craziest intros of the series - news series

Everything you’ll read below is SPOILER, so it’s worth stopping your reading here if you haven’t seen the series and want to keep all of its surprises intact.

Here is a subjective selection of the best intro episodes of the series Lost, the disappeared. There are obviously many others, each has their favorite, but we had to decide, and here they are, in chronological order:

PILOT: PART 1 (S01E01)

Jack (Matthew Fox) wakes up in the jungle, sees a Labrador. He gets up, finds a small bottle of alcohol in his pocket. He is drawn to noises, arrives at a beach, and a camera pan takes us to another area where passengers on the same Oceanic flight 815 are panicking.

And there are people to be saved. Good news: Jack is a surgeon! This scene leads to an episode that will brilliantly introduce every character of importance.

Lost: the craziest intros of the series - news series


The wreckage of the plane (at least part of it)

This first scene from the pilot of Lost already offers the tone of the series with a mysterious event (which will be explained very quickly): the presence of a labrador in the jungle. It sets the scene that will serve as the basis for six seasons.

The series finale will respond to this introductory scene with the return of Vincent (the Labrador) and show Jack, again lying in the jungle, on a heart-wrenching track by Michael Giacchino.


This episode was at the time the most watched in the history of the series! Over 23 million viewers gathered to find out what was hiding under the trapdoor found (and finally opened) by Jack, Locke, Kate and the others.

This season premiere took everyone backwards by simply offering fans the life of a man getting up, entering a code into a computer, having breakfast, playing his sport, all while putting on a vinyl of Mama Cass Make Your Own Kind of Music. But suddenly, an explosion sounded. The man equips himself, arms himself and waits for the intruders who have just interfered in his bunker.

Lost: the craziest intros of the series - news series


The stranger in this scene will become a pivotal character in subsequent seasons

The man in the trap is Desmond Hume (Henry Ian Cusick) and he has learned to enter the same code into a computer every 108 minutes in order to prevent “everyone dying”. This episode also marks the point where Lost becomes Lost, asserts itself as an atypical series in television history with a flashback in which Jack meets Desmond while jogging.

The two evoke their inner demons, while on the island, the debate between Jack and Locke on the opposition between science and faith begins. One of the great episodes of the series, among many others.


One again season premiere ! The series begins to find its tone and even pays for the luxury of having an opening of season 3 responding to that of season 2. We thus discover a woman (whom we will learn to love a lot and respond to the name of Juliet). ) who gets up and puts a CD.

Then begins the song Downtown by Petula Clark and this smiling blonde starts her day in a spirited way. His daily life is presented to us with his house, his garden, his book club and no possible doubt: we are witnessing a flashback. And yet, it is not.

Lost: the craziest intros of the series - news series



The scene goes well on the island as Juliet attends with Ben, Ethan and the others the arrival of Oceanic flight 815. Ben gives his orders and throws at Juliet, seeing that she is carrying a book in hand: “Guess I’m kicked out of the book club?”.

She does not respond to him and immediately the viewer understands the relationship between the two characters. It is very well seen and at the height of a season 3 which will be uneven but which will revive interest in the series.


A tapestry is being woven by hand in an underground passage. The man comes out, picks up the fruit of his peach and begins to eat on the beach. He observes the arrival of a three mast. Another man arrives and talks to him. The tension between them is palpable.

The first sees the arrival of the boat’s passengers as progress, the second as corruption to come. The latter even promises the first that he calls “Jacob” that he will kill him. Once his threat is placed, he leaves and the camera shows that the two men are near a statue foot (well known to viewers) and that at the time of this scene, the statue – Egyptian – is intact.

Lost: the craziest intros of the series - news series


Jacob facing his nemesis

This introduction presents for the first time Jacob and his nemesis, The Man in Black. The following will show that Jacob went through the lives of several of the passengers on Oceanic Flight 815 at different stages of their lives. Let us quote them: Kate, Sawyer, Jin and Sun, Sayid and Ilana (character appeared in season 5).

In the next episode, we find out that Jacob also went to meet Jack and Hurley. All are the potential candidates for his succession as “Guardian” of the island. Meanwhile, the Man in Black (in the guise of Locke) seeks to find Jacob on the island to finally end his life.


At the time of its broadcast, we were dangerously close to the end of the series and this episode opened with a long awaited event: the birth of Jacob and The Man in Black, the two antagonists of the island.

A woman stranded pregnant on an island beach. She is taken in by a native who helps her give birth to a baby boy whom she baptizes Jacob. She then discovers that she is going to give birth to another child, for whom she had not planned a first name. After giving birth, she is murdered by the native, who will raise the two children.

Lost: the craziest intros of the series - news series


The mysterious “Mother” played by Allison Janney

Not only the beginning ofAcross The Sea announces revelations about the past of the two key characters in the story, but it will retrace part of their life on the island. Above all, it will explain how the Man in Black has become black smoke terrorizing, killing and manipulating the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 since Season 1.

The episode also explains who the Adam and Eve are found by Kate and Locke in a cave during Season 1 (Episode 6). An essential episode.

What happened to the stars of this cult series?

Lost: the craziest intros of the series - news series

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