Lost in space, it’s over! How does the Netflix series end?

End clap for Lost in Space which ends after 3 short seasons on Netflix. If you haven’t gone all the way, AlloCiné offers you a little recap of these last episodes.

How was it already?

While the Robinsons have finally managed to join the Resolution which is about to take off for Alpha Centauri, the crew is attacked by a horde of robots, led by the SRA. To protect their children, the adults decide to send them alone to the colony, while they remain there to get rid of the threat. The Robinsons are once again separated.

Mission number 1: operation to rescue parents

When Lost in Space Season 3 picks up, it’s a year after the bot attack on Resolution. The children have found refuge on a planet, the time to repair the ship that will take them to Alpha Centauri. But what was to last a few weeks turned into a long mission.

Meanwhile, the adults try to think of how to relaunch the Resolve. They need a robot and a motor to do this, but they are in enemy territory. Maureen (Molly Parker) and John (Toby Stephens) discover that the Scarecrow is alive… just like the SRA who has only one idea in mind: to find Will (Maxwell Jenkins).

With the help of the Scarecrow, which is connected to Robot, Robinson parents are able to contact their children. The latter understand that the former are in danger and decide to go and save them, now that their ship can fly. Meanwhile, SRA sets a trap for the Scarecrow who wishes to recover the engine and kills him in front of Molly. He knows that Will will do anything to come to their rescue …

But the kids have a plan: They send out a first ship as a decoy, Commander Grant Kelly’s that Judy (Taylor Russell McKenzie) has tracked down (and who turns out to be her biological father). The latter remained cryogenized for almost 40 years. The Resolve team takes advantage of this diversion and the Robot with a motor to breach Alpha Centauri. All the Jupiters arrive safely except the Robinsons who are pursued by SRA…

Mission number 2: direction Alpha Centauri

The Robinsons cannot take the risk of going to Alpha because the robots will discover their destination. They crash into a hostile planet and are once again separated. Will decides to try his luck by confronting SRA.

He knows that the latter wants to know how he reprogrammed Robot. He explains to her that he did nothing and that the android simply understood that he had a heart. The young boy tells her that those who created them have disappeared and that they can now live freely. But SRA reveals to him that it is he who killed his masters and that he also intends to get rid of him. Will then receives a blow in the heart …

Now that he has killed Will (or thinks he has) and knows the whereabouts of Alpha Centauri from Don, SRA and his allies can go and destroy the planet. The Robinsons have no choice but to follow them, in the hopes of saving the youngest of the siblings and warning everyone of the impending attack.

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The SRA, recognizable by its orange lights.

Mission number 3: change the robots

At Alpha Centauri, Will is taken care of and an artificial heart is transplanted. The defense is organized to prevent the invader from destroying the planet: the robots indeed want to use their engine as a bomb. Despite his sorry state, the young boy decides to take his robot to his planet in order to convince people of his kind that they can change. But the latter are not very receptive.

The android decides at this point to sacrifice himself, offering a part of himself to Will, so that his artificial heart continues to beat. Faced with this gesture, the other robots send out a message of peace. Meanwhile at the colony, Penny (Mina Sundwall) and her friends rescue injured robots. The latter then transform to become nice …

Will (back to Alpha Centauri,), his family, Don and Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) somehow try to control SRA, but SRA’s will is too strong. He absolutely wants to kill the young boy. Will decides to trust his deceased robot and once again let the android aim for his heart. But this time it’s different since it has been changed. SRA is immediately reprogrammed and becomes Robot, who returns from the dead.

All robots are now free to live their lives. Some decide to stay, others to explore the planets. As for Alpha Centauri, everyone can finally live there in peace …

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