Lost: by the way, how does it end?

If you’ve never made it to the end of the series or if you’ve lost your memory, find out how the “Lost, the disappeared” series ends.

Lost: by the way, how does it end?

It is the evening of Sunday, May 23, 2010. Lost fans are eagerly awaiting the broadcast of the final double-episode of their favorite series. The most recent episode ended with the monster (with the appearance of Locke) announcing that he was going to use Desmond to destroy the island. The suspense was therefore breathless and the week had seemed long to them.

Like all the episodes of Lost, this finale is divided between the scenes on the island and the scenes in the outside world, here a sort of mysterious alternate reality, presented since the beginning of this sixth and final season.

In short

Jack succeeds in defeating the monster and saves the island. Hugo becomes the “new Jacob”, with Ben as advisor. After these adventures, off-screen, the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 all die of the passage of time and find themselves in the afterlife, symbolized by a church. Jack accepts his death, and everyone is reunited.

Lost: by the way, how does it end?

Jack and Kate, a couple in the afterlife

Details – on the island

There are three groups left on the island. Jack has become the “new Jacob” and must protect the island from the monster who wants to destroy it. He’s with Sawyer, Kate and Hugo. The second group includes the monster, Ben and Desmond. The third group is that of pilot Lapidus, Miles and Richard Alpert, who leave to find a still intact plane to leave the island.

The third group is necessarily very behind. Its members are content to meet a confused Claire, who thinks they are coming to kill her. They manage to convince her otherwise and continue on their way until arriving at the plane and waiting for their comrades to join them to leave with them.

After various conversations between the camps of Jack and the monster, all make their way together towards the heart of the island, the source of light. Only Jack, the monster, and Desmond actually approach it. The latter descends into this source and discovers a cave.

Lost: by the way, how does it end?

Desmond and Jack, watched by the monster

He reaches a basin of water bathed in light and enters in order to remove the stone “plug” that is there. In doing so, he is exposed to an astronomical amount of electromagnetic energy that would have killed anyone other than him, but the series has shown us that he is particularly resistant to it.

He manages to lift the plug, which turns off any light in the cave and triggers a seismic tremor, the first since the start of the series. Another surprise, the monster, struck by Jack, bleeds for the first time. The imminent disappearance of the island seems to mark the end of the monster’s powers.

The monster manages to escape but his fight against Jack is inevitable and the two find themselves fighting on the sides of a cliff. The creature is killed with a rifle bullet by Kate, who has come to rescue Jack. The latter kicks her opponent from the top of the cliff with a kick, as she herself had pushed Jacob’s body into the flames.

Lost: by the way, how does it end?

The monster in the guise of John Locke

The earthquakes have not stopped, and Jack decides to go and plug the hole left open by Desmond in the cave. Seriously injured by his fight against the monster, he knows he will die there. Ben (who assures “if the island sinks, I would sink with”) comes with him and Hugo, who “believes” in Jack. Kate and Sawyer take a boat and join the plane of the third group.

Jack makes Hugo the new protector of the island because he “believes” in him, and Ben becomes Hugo’s advisor. Jack goes down into the cave, brings up Desmond who is ultimately not dead, and plugs the hole, which saves the island and his last comrades.

Jack dies in the bamboo forest where he had woken up in the pilot of the series, the labrador Vincent comes to find him, a close-up shows his eye closing. The End.

Lost: by the way, how does it end?

Jack sacrificed himself

The details – in alternate reality

Hugo and Desmond do their best to “awaken” their old island comrades. By making them meet again their great love (Sayid and Shannon, Charlotte and Daniel, Charlie and Claire) or by having an ultrasound (Sun and Jin), everyone realizes that the events on the island have indeed taken place somewhere and that ‘they are all related to other people.

This part relies heavily on nostalgia and emotion, because it is accompanied by the editing of some of the cult or key scenes of the series. Jack is the last to realize what he experienced on the island. The final scene takes place in a church, officially for Christian Shepherd’s funeral.

In reality, the church is a spiritual place, bringing all those on Oceanic Flight 815 together in one place to “move on”, in other words, to accept death. All of them have passed away by the time this event is unfolding and they can finally be reunited.

Lost: by the way, how does it end?

Jack and Locke reconciled in the afterlife

Ben, present outside the church, “still things to settle” and cannot join them. It seems he was a good adviser to Hugo on the island, as they congratulate each other.

The alternate reality, in which they lived and in which the island is under water (cf. the introduction of the first episode of the season), was only a parallel life (a purgatory) for each of them. until we come to awaken them and allow them to find their friends, when all are dead.

All before the island had only one life that was not worth saving. On the other hand, the friends and the loves that they built during the series, they alone, deserved to be re-lived in the afterlife. The End.

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Lost: by the way, how does it end?

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