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lord of the fall It features a variety of ways players can cross paths in multiplayer, including full seamless co-op and deadly showdowns in PVP. But you can also avenge fallen players while exploring the world and earn some rewards for doing so. We’ll tell you how to get Plucked Eyeballs and where to donate them for some sweet loot.

how to remove eyeballs

Fallen Eyes are obtained by avenging fallen players. To take revenge on someone, keep an eye out for lamps on the ground that indicate the location where the player was killed during the game. When you see one, interact with it and find that it produces moths that will fly to the enemy that killed that player, allowing you to kill that enemy as retaliation. By doing so, you will earn Plucked Eyeballs which can later be donated to the Temple of the Rotten Mother.

Where to donate plucked eyeballs

Temple of the Rotten Mother in Lords of the Fallen
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You can donate your torn eyeballs to the Temple of the Rotten Mother in Skyrest. Use your Umbral Lamp to enter the Umbral Realm. Here, facing away from the remains, take the stairs on the right. Pass Merchant Molhu on your right and proceed to the end to reach the Temple of the Putrid Mata.

Donating Plucked Eyeballs adds a progress bar showing overall contributions lord of the fall community. As it fills up and reaches new levels, you’ll gain access to more and more unique loot that you can purchase with more plucked Eyeballs, so be sure to keep donating if you want to see fresh items.

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