Where to get the Pilgrim’s Perch Key in Lords of the Fallen

Where to get the Pilgrim’s Perch Key in Lords of the Fallen

Like any good game in the soulslike genre, lord of the fall The complex is full of explorable areas, with branching paths and well-hidden secrets. To uncover them all, you’ll have to take things slow and be extremely thorough, but even if you’re checking every corner, you’ll sometimes find that you’re missing an important item or key that It is necessary to go through the specific. Obstacles For example, when exploring Pilgrim’s Perch early in the game, you may find a door or two that require a Pilgrim’s Perch key, which you won’t actually be able to find in the area itself. However, don’t worry – we’ll tell you where to get it below.

Where to get Pilgrim’s Perch Key

The Pilgrim’s Perch Key can be purchased from Captain Stomund of Fidelis in Skyrest for 9,500 Vigor. You can find this NPC standing to the right of the Vestige, but he will only start selling you items after you finish all his introductory dialogue, so be sure to talk to him several times if you haven’t already.

Character looking at Stomund in Lords of the Fallen
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It’s completely reasonable to look at the price of the Pilgrim’s Perch Key and feel a little overwhelmed – that’s an absolutely staggering amount of buffs to get at the beginning of the game. However, it shouldn’t take too long to farm, especially if you use our favorite XP farming spot a little further down in Pilgrim’s Perch. Plus, the cost will be worth it, as you’ll be able to open various doors in Pilgrim’s Perch that will lead you to new areas and rewards.


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