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While you can technically play a game like Lords of the Fallen with bare hands and no armor, most people will have a better experience using real weapons and armor. Weapons in particular are important for those who like Souls because the weapon you want, or at least the type, is important for how you want to build your character and distribute your stats. Like FromSoftware games, every weapon has different stat requirements and scaling grades that make some objectively better than others. Although it’s not too difficult to compare the weapons you get, Lords of the Fallen goes crazy with how many different weapons there are in all the different types. Instead of building using the wrong stats for a weapon that will be outclassed, here are some of the best weapons in Lords of the Fallen for any build.
Best weapons in Lords of the Fallen

With hundreds of different types of weapons, we’ve narrowed down our list to a few of the best, covering all the major builds you’ll consider running.
Pieta’s Sword
Swords will be one of the most popular weapons in this game. Not only are they kind of the default weapons for soul-picks, but Lords of the Fallen has an almost overwhelming number of them to choose from. This shortsword can be purchased quite easily from Molhu in Remembrance of Pieta for 40 Umbral Scourings. This is a boss weapon that comes from none other than Pieta himself and is one of the best zoning swords in the game. It is designed for Radiance builds, and comes with a Smite status effect of 100. You need your Radiance stat to be 25 or higher to play it, and it starts at C and ends at A-Rank with the same stat. upgrade.
holy praise
To throw a second short sword into the mix for consideration, we turn to another early-game option. Unlike the previous pick, this sword is more traditional and works best for agility-focused builds, but with the added effect of 80 bleed on each hit for some spice. You only need 12 Agility to equip it, again making it great early on, and its scale starts at C, but can go up to A with Agility.
Despite the name, Bloodlust isn’t actually focused on bleed as much as it is on the hallowed prize. As stated, it deals 60 both bleed and burn damage on hit. However, what pushes it towards being a top-tier sword is its special effect of restoring a small amount of HP for each kill. You have to be at least level 3 in both Agility and Inferno to use it, but it’s more than worth it. Bloodthirsty scales with both Agility and Inferno, starting on C and ending on A- in both.
Hushed Saints Halberd
Polearms are a more specialized option, but those who know how to handle them are almost untouched. The Hushed Saint’s Halberd is another weapon you should save to buy from Molhu for 20 Umbral Scouring if you’re going for the Strength and Agility builds. Granted, it’s not as high-end as other weapons on this list, but it comes with 150 poison effects that can easily make up for its lack of raw damage. You’ll need a good 19 Strength and 16 Agility to use it, and its double scaling for those stats starts at C and D, but works up to B+ and C+ respectively.
Iron Wayfarer’s Hammer
Another boss weapon you can claim, this time by defeating the Iron Wayfarer, is that character’s hammer. If you’re like us, seeing how cleverly this boss used it against you will motivate you to try it out for yourself, and boy, is it worth it. If you’re using the Strength build, this may be the last weapon you’ll ever need. It would take a great deal of 31 strength to hold it, but it is a powerhouse. Despite strength, agility, glow, and scaling with Inferno, you really only need to focus on strength. It starts at B- but when you reach +9 with it it changes to S, while all other attributes only go from E to D.
Charm of Fortune’s sight
We haven’t forgotten that you are building wizards out there! Sure, catalysts aren’t technically “weapons” in the strict definition, but they serve essentially the same purpose for spellcasters. Again, go to everyone’s favorite vendor, Molhu, in Skyrest and purchase it. What’s particularly special about this catalyst is that it lets you use four different types of magic at the same time, in addition to increasing their power. You’ll need to do a bit of a mixed build as it requires 12 Radiance and Inferno, which are the two stats it scales with. To start, you get C-scaling in both, but end up with B at +9.
bow of convert
Spellcasters may be a small percentage of players, but archers are even less popular. However, they are a perfectly viable build in Lords of the Fallen, especially with Bow of the Convert. Just looking at the stats, it might not seem that special, but it has 80 in Bleed, Burn, Poison, and Frostbite. If you add Elemental Arrows, you can attack an unsuspecting enemy with four or five status effects in a single shot. You only need 16 agility to equip this bow, and the scaling isn’t that bad after upgrading it. It starts on C and ends on B+.

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