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Luis Rubiales went to London on Sunday to meet with journalist Piers Morgan and announce his resignation in a program on the TalkTv network, which will be broadcast later today. After the interview, of which a small excerpt was immediately released with the news, he contacted Pedro Rocha, a dear friend and acting president of the Spanish Football Federation, to inform him of his decision, a necessary formality that had taken longer than expected. counts, in part due to the stubborn resistance of Rubiales and also due to the slow, if not surprising, action of the Spanish establishment, from the CSD to the Prosecutor’s Office, which did not open proceedings until the clamor reached a global scale.

Even more astonishing was the blow that Rubiales received from the Court of Justice in Sports (TAD), where six of its seven members – only Franciso Pajuelo, the president, disagreed – considered that the actions of the top leader of Spanish football deserved the classification of a foul. serious and not very serious.

Rubiales’ piece was collected by FIFA, an organization based in Switzerland. All the others have gone in the slipstream. He disqualified the now former president one day after his untimely speech before the assembly of the Spanish Federation. From that day will remain his refusal to resign, his pathetic tirade to his three daughters, his interest in appearing as a victim of Jenni Hermoso’s advances – “He picked me up from the ground and grabbed me by the hips” – and his insistence on declaring himself persecuted by Yolanda Díaz, vice president of the Government, Irene Montero and Ione Belarra. He cited the three leaders of Sumar and Podemos by his name and forgot the rest of the political parties. All, with the exception of VOX, had denigrated his behavior in Sydney, demanding his resignation and, in the case of the PP, calling for forceful measures.

We will see if Rubiales delves into political issues with Piers Morgan, a professional troublemaker who has appeared in the main English tabloids – The Sun, News of the World, Daily Mirror and Daily Mail – and some time ago succeeded Larry King as CNN’s star interviewer. . There is no doubt about his cleverness in self-publicity. From the noise he creates and the accusations of misogyny and dirty performance in his work, neither. As for football, he is known as an unrepentant Arsenal fan, but even in that aspect he inflames the atmosphere. He took advantage of the team’s final slip to crush Mikel Arteta, the coach who has rescued Arsenal from the most absolute mediocrity.

Rubiales is looking for a place in the sun. In football it seems that it will have no place. Although his egomania and ineptitude prevented him from resigning during his speech before the assembly, his intuition did not abandon him. He turned his case into a strictly political matter, much to the taste of these times and the divisive character of a primary man, without nuances, educated by and for conflict, endowed with the peculiar capacity for drag that fanatics display and that benefit them so much. perform lately, no matter how basic they are. These people fracture and pollute, but they sell.

The vibrant response of his acolytes to the speech at the assembly, and that of many of those who later said they disagreed with his behavior, explains the curious fascination that this class of characters produces. The ranks tightened, they applauded, stood up and surrendered to Rubiales after a insult seasoned with a good dose of self-pity and cheap slogans—social murder! false feminism!—, exploring along the way the considerable opportunities that politics offers to individuals of this hair. Don’t rule out, just in case, that someone finds Rubiales the fit she wants.

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