The average price of housing in the UK capital is £ 605,437 and the average annual salary is £ 39,680. It’s no wonder then that normal Brits feel too expensive to live in London when the costs of accommodation alone are so incredibly high.

The rich and famous don’t have such a problem though, flocking to London from all over the UK and beyond. Besides the cost of living, where do these well-off people spend their hard-earned money? Keep reading to find out.

The Colony Club

When you have more money than you know what to do with, what better way to spend it than a night out at one of Europe’s most glamorous casinos? The Colony Club in upscale Mayfair, London, is packed with the rich and famous every day of the week.

To enjoy the lively baccarat tables and high-stakes private poker games, players must first apply formally to become a member. The casino sets an application fee of £ 500 in an attempt to eliminate the riffraff and even after paying this potential players are not guaranteed to become a club member.

Celebrities and the incredibly wealthy can bypass the application process by being recommended for honorary membership by a current highly regarded member.

For those who don’t have £ 500 spare currency to apply for a subscription, playing at an online casino is still the best bet. You can sign up to play some of the best slots at in under 5 minutes without having to part with any cash at all.

An online casino may not offer the same prestige and status as playing Colony Club, but there is literally no difference in the games on offer. In fact, there is often a greater choice of games on offer and a more diverse player base.


Many famous faces have tried their luck at the Colony Club table games.

The Groucho Club

If you are more interested in being seen with some of the biggest names in British show business then the Groucho Club in London is the place to be. The venue was founded as a private membership club in 1985 as an alternative to the stuffy, old-fashioned gentleman’s clubs in the rest of the city.

To join the club, you must make a formal club membership request with the official website indicating: “Candidates must have a creative role within the creative industries and share the club’s maverick spirit. “

In addition to this stipulation, candidates must be proposed and seconded by two current members of the Groucho Club. Following a successful request, members can take advantage of the Club’s dining facilities and exclusive bar.

The Groucho is the source of many apocryphal celebrity hedonism tales, from those that are presumably true, the tale of U2 frontman Bono who serenades Bill Clinton with a rendition of “Happy birthday Mr. President” is perhaps the most impressive.

Chiltern Fire Station

The most requested restaurant in Europe is without a doubt Chiltern Firehouse located in the sumptuous Marylebone of London. Cara Delevigne, Amy Schumer and Sienna Miller have all graced this glamorous restaurant with their presence in the past.

From brunch to dinner, Chiltern Firehouse serves some of the capital’s tastiest and most filling food. The menu is self-described as ‘family style’, but this description is only valid if your parents are Michelin-starred chefs.

Chiltern Firehouse is not only a restaurant, it is also a five star hotel. Its deluxe rooms are often the first port of call for American tourists who travel to the UK for promotional events, tours or guest appearances.

So if you’re a fan of North American comedy, music, or movies, grab your autograph book and reserve a table at the Chiltern.


There are many exquisite restaurants in London, Chiltern Firehouse is a favorite among celebrities.


The West End is the perfect place for art and theater lovers, but it’s also home to another of London’s great restaurants. Ivy is known as a British classic around the world, best known for its ornate oak paneling, stained glass, and site-specific commissions by world-famous artists.

The heyday of the Ivy came at the beginning of the 20e century and because of that, it still attracts a traditionalist crowd of aristocrats and royalty. Just three years ago, Queen Elizabeth II visited The Ivy for a bite to eat after a visit to the theater.

Monarchy aside, The Ivy is often also home to some of the biggest celebrity names in the world, from David Beckham to Elton John. Surprisingly, the food on offer is relatively straightforward with the succulent Shepherd’s Pie stealing the show.

The globe

No visit to London for the rich and famous would be complete without attending a performance at William Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. The original place was opened by the playwright’s company – Lord Chamberlain’s men – in 1599 and rebuilt in 1997.

The Globe is arguably the city’s most famous and renowned theater and is the holy grail for aspiring actors and actresses. Each year some of the world’s biggest shows premier on the site, featuring many of the world’s most famous names.

On a daily basis, The Globe is open to visits and educational visits. There are also regular Telling Tales workshops designed to help participants improve their skills and take bold steps towards professional careers in theater and theater.

After the tour, be sure to enjoy a scenic city walk on the River Thames, perhaps stopping at one of the lively bars and restaurants on your way.

To summarize

London is a cornucopia of glamor and has many other rich and famous hot spots that are not mentioned in this article. The high cost of living in the capital gives it an air of exclusivity that is high on the priority list of the rich and famous.

If you don’t have the status or the wealth to settle full-time in London’s chicest areas, then experience the high life by visiting one of the great places listed above.

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